“Don’t move her! Are you stupid?” A harsh voice screamed in a whisper at another shadowy figure. A thud was heard as the other, who hadn’t spoken, groaned in pain.
“I wasn’t! I swear… Sometimes you piss me off.” The one who had been struck mumbled under his breath hot-headedly.
“Just shut up and go wait outside,” the first voice growled as the other quickly strode away from the woman on the table.
“W-Where am I?” The woman asked, trying to sit up. Chains and shackles kept her strapped to the metal table that was cold beneath her bare back.
“Where are my clothes?” Alarm was full in her voice as she struggled to unclip the metal links from each other.
“You’re the newest member; welcome Fifteen.” A calm voice stroked the woman’s green hair as she screamed in pain; the chains had tightened around her bare chest and abdomen.
“Let go of me you weird rapist!” The woman screamed again, biting at the straps that he put over her, tightening them again.
“Weird… Rapist?” The man who examined her thoroughly just laughed half-heartedly. “Don’t be silly. I’m not a rapist, I’m a doctor. I’m certified, too, if that makes you feel any better.”
“D-Doctor?” The woman stopped yelling, but she was still squirming. “If you’re a doctor, you must be insane! If you think strapping your patients, your naked patients, to a cold metal table is good, wow you’ve got issues, buddy!”
The woman strained against the chains as the man laid his hand on her forehead. She tired to bite him but missed, feeling her body numbing.
“If you don’t stop moving around I’m going to break your legs and make you eat them. Now shush up and stop moving!” The man threatened while smiling. It was like he was playing a dirty trick on the woman’s mind. She just snarled once more before her eyes closed and she drifted into unconsciousness.

Chapter I

I woke up to the smell of what seemed like burnt clay. Blinking the sleep out of my eyes, I remembered what seemed like some weird party where I had drunken too much and passed out.
The world fell into place around me. The smell of the burnt clay continued to fill my nostrils. It smelled freshly baked, but overdone.
“What the hell is that smell?” My raspy voice sounded weird as it escaped my throat. I coughed, as I inhaled smoke. “He-,” I coughed again, the smoke filling my lungs, “-llo?”
“Don’t worry about the smell; or the smoke for this matter. It’s just an, erm, experiment that another Organization member is working on. He’s a little mad; I think his powers got out of control again… Eight? Eight! Come in here, please, Eight.” A midnight-blue haired man with a choppy side cut smiled down at me, as he hollered out into the hallway.
The light from the hallway was dim, but much brighter than the room I was in. It took me awhile to realize that someone was blocking it, making it dimmer then it really was.
“Eight, I want you to meet Fifteen.” The midnight-blue haired man pointed down to me as I shifted my head to the side to see who had walked in. The figure had broad shoulders, his face covered by a black hood that connected to the black cloak he wore. He unzipped his cloak and placed it gently on the folding chair that leaned against the wall next to the metal table.
“Hello Fifteen. I’ve seen you around the city streets before. Do you remember how you got here in the city?” Eight’s bright red hair glimmered in the partial light that streamed in from the hallway.
“Um… I think I was walking from this one castle on a really long street. It was raining, I remember that much. But, I only remember a brown haired someone coming and finding me in the streets. I think I was just dreaming that, seeing as I didn’t see anyone with brown hair here. He had short hair too, I think. Spiky, if I can recall; or it might’ve been blonde. I don’t remember who, but someone brought me here. It all felt like a dream until just about now… I don’t even know who I am…” I just ranted on and on; the red-head looked bored, but his eyes, his brightly flavored green eyes, showed that he was rather fascinated.
“Axel, why don’t you show our newest member around; she needs to get used to this place if this is where she’s going to be staying for awhile.” The dark haired man winked at Axel, the red-head. “Oh, and, by the way,” I stood from the metal table, Axel helped me off of it, seeing as I was still woozy from the drugs the blue haired man had injected me with. I turned to see what he was about to say. “My name is Zexion. I work with Vexen to cure Organization XIII’s members. If you ever need anything, just come and ask me.” Zexion, his previous alias ‘the midnight-haired man’, now had a promising name. I nodded and smiled a little as I turned and followed Axel away, who had grabbed his cloak and strode graciously out the door. I clumsily stumbled out after him.
Maybe this won’t be so bad…I thought to myself, following Axel down the large corridor we had crossed over into. Or, maybe it is so bad that it’s good. Whatever it is, it’s a new accomplishment… I think.

Chapter II

Axel walked so graceful and quiet, my footsteps sounded as loud as my heart beat. My heart sounded like it was going to fall out of my chest and land in Axel’s jet-black boots.
“Ah…” I mumbled under my breath, leaning against the wall for a second before Axel realized I wasn’t following him.
“What’s wrong?” Axel’s eyes look pained and panicked at the same time.
“It… Hurts to walk…” I panted out, clutching at the fluffy white scrubs that were spattered in blood at my chest. “What the hell?” I examined the scrubs further, as I looked down at my pants, which were also made out of the scrubs material.
“Your heart was removed… I was hoping I wouldn’t have to tell you this until later, but Zexion said I should tell you whenever you were ready. I guess you’re ready…” Axel spat out bitterly, as he stared passed me down the hall. “You’re a Nobody. That isn’t meant in a mean way, like no one cares about you, but you’re a heartless. You have no heart. When you’re a Nobody, you don’t have a heart.”
I stared at Axel in disbelief, like he was talking to me in Swahili or something.
“What do you mean, I’m heartless?” I continued to stare at him, my mouth hanging open as one of my hands clawed at the scrubs, and the other dug its nails into the wall for support. “What do you mean, I’m heartless?”
“You’re not you, the real you is asleep. It’s hard to explain, but you’re like a replica. You’re the Nobody of your former self.” Axel tried as hard as he could, as I could see form the sweat that dripped down in beads from his forehead, to explain what being a Nobody meant to me.
“I’m not the original me. I know what you mean now. I’ve felt hollow ever since I set foot in this damned world. In this damned city; and in this damned life! Why am I the only one to be damned to this fate?” I shouted abruptly, panting afterwards, seeing as it wore me out. I clung to the wall more, my feet shifting out from under me as I slid, back to the wall and hands on my chest, to the floor.
“Naxxine?” Axel crouched down so that his arms rested gently on his thighs and his hands cupped over his knees. “Naxxine?”
“…Naxxine… Who is she?” I blinked up at him, seeing as he still was significantly taller than I, even crouched down.
“You. You’re Naxxine. You’ve always been Naxxine and you always will be from now on.” Axel smirked a little. His face brightened up significantly as his hair shined handsomely in the dim hallway lighting.
“About that tour… Don’t you think we should keep going? It’s okay, I’m okay.” I reassured him by showing him I could stand on my own, of course with support from a table and the wall that had four holes poked into it from me.
“Okay, just don’t worry about that whole Nobody stuff. I’ll let Xemnas explain it at our meeting later.” Axel smiled at me as I walked next to him. He slowed his pace so he would rest his arm on my shoulder to steady me.
“Thanks, er, Axel,” I strained to remember his name, seeing as I was still queasy from the drugs Zexion had given me.
“No problem Naxx!” Axel grinned happily as he looked ahead out the window into the dark night.
I hope it isn’t going to be like a bad fairy tale, starting with ‘Once upon a time, in an old house, on a dark and storm night…’ I thought cheaply to myself as Axel and I ascended the large, creaking staircase to the third floor.

Chapter III

“See you tomorrow, Naxx!” Axel patted my head as he walked out the door to my room. Apparently, I was supposed to share this room with another member of Organization XIII. She was supposedly a woman, too.
“How bad can it be? I mean… Maybe she’s just a really feminine man…” I grumbled to myself, as I made my bed; the one that wasn’t covered in ripped, bloody clothing. I undressed quickly and buttoned up the top that Axel has given me. Slipping on the pants, I realized how baggy and bulky Axel was compared to me.
“Maybe he’s just really tall…” I muttered, stretching at the clothing as I heard people laughing in the hallway outside of the door.
“Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow Roxas!” It was a female voice. The door ca-chinked as a woman twisted the knob and casually strolled inside, not a care on her mind.
“Uh… Excuse me? Can I help you with something, miss?” The woman blinked at me strangely as she closed the door behind her, her palms and back flat against it.
“I’m your new room mate; according to Axel. I’m also supposed to stay here for the rest of my life, according to that doctor guy, Zexion.” I explained cheaply as I sat carefully down on the bed, realizing my chest was bleeding again.
“Oh. Oh…” Was all that this woman could say is “oh”? It sounded like she was a broken robot to my ears as she carefully sat on the end of my bed.
“Oh… You’re, um, Naxxine; right?” She looked like she was going to die of embarrassment as I looked down at the blood that soaked through onto Axel’s shirt.
“Yeah, I suppose that’s me. I don’t see anyone else with that crazy name. And who are you? Someone I’m supposed to deal with? You seem too soft to live in this giant house. What’re you, the maid?” I snickered out as I looked down at the shirt again. I could feel the hole clearly in my chest. I assumed I’d have to get used to the fact that my blood is useless now.
“I guess that redhead doesn’t want his shirt back, hm?” I chuckled quietly to myself as I spoke under my breath unintelligibly.
“Uh, no, I don’t think he’s going to want it back.” The woman just smiled uneasily as she stood from the bed and went into the bathroom. I heard the door lock and a cell phone flip open.
Murmuring came from the bathroom. I lay sprawled out on the bed, staring at the ceiling and my arms behind my head. My feet played with the thick bed sheet underneath me.
The woman opened the door after closing her cell phone abruptly; looking straight at me as I ignored her presence. I traced the bumpy pattern of the ceiling with my eyes as she ahem-ed right next to the bed.
“If you want to sit, sit. I’m not stopping you.” I wavered to the edge of the bed to the left of me. The woman just nodded and sat down.
“My name is Xion. I’m lost in this world too. I’m just glad there is another female here besides that other nasty woman, Larxene.” Xion scoffed as she smiled over her shoulder at me, but not directly.
“Who? Ah, that isn’t important right now. I guess the only important thing is probably the fact that I apparently have some sort of meeting to go to. Can you direct me as to where I need to go?” I put my hands back behind my head as I traced the ceiling with my eyes again.
“Oh, that, right. We all have to attend that. We, being everyone in Organization XIII; it’s like a tradition, only it happens almost twice a day. I guess I just got used to it so quick that I could do it unconscious if I needed to.” Xion giggled uneasily as her cell phone vibrated in her hand. “Excuse me one moment.”
As she rushed into the kitchen that was separated from our bedrooms and the doorway, I heard her sigh heavily as she closed the phone a few minutes later.
“The meeting is now. That was Xemnas; he told me to get you clothing to wear so that you wouldn’t be a big bloody mess when you met the other members.” Xion sighed again as she riffled through her dresser.
“I don’t care what you give me. Just don’t give me a light colored shirt; I don’t think it will go down that well, seeing as I’m bleeding pretty badly.” Murmuring as I stood up from the micro foam bed, I stretched as she threw a shirt onto her bed.
“Here. I guess you can wear this for now. Xemnas said he’d get you a cloak like this,” she pointed to her chest, “as soon as tomorrow morning rolled around.” The shirt she had picked out was an extremely long shirt-dress. I stripped down to nothing as Xion went to go close some windows before it started raining, she had said.
Pulling the shirt down over my head and shoulders was painful, seeing as it pulled at my chest every time I made a ‘wrong’ movement. The shirt had cherry blossoms on it, with a sakura tree on the left of it in the front. It was a dark grey with an insignia on the back of it. It was clearly printed in another language that I did not understand.
“Alright, as long as you’re not completely naked, I don’t think Xemnas will care if you aren’t wearing pants.” Xion smirked as she opened the door for me, locking it after we both walked out. “Let’s go, I’ll lead.”
I casually followed her, like I knew where I was going. Truth be it, I had no clue if I was even awake or alive. It felt like a dream, but it also felt like a really cold Hell with a draft that went up the shirt-dress I was wearing.


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