Happy Bunny's Return!

    Swoosh, swoosh!  “Happy get your butt back here now!” “never!”  Happy ran as fast as her little rabbit legs could take her, right down the side of the stream.  “Happy! Get back here this instance!” Screamed Chocolate Bunny ( Happy’s Mother’s name ). 
Happy was running because, she was in trouble by her principal, her mother, her father, and also because, she punched her brother, who fell on to Whiskers, then he fell on to Venn, he fell on to Little, who fell on to Milo, who fell on to Otis, who fell on to Peppy, who happened to be sitting right next to Happy. Happy said “Your so beautiful to look at but,” then before Happy could say the rest Peppy said “Why, thank you, Happy” then Happy finished “so easy to annoy!”  Peppy looked at Happy with a ‘your dumb’ kind of look. Happy was amazed at this new type of look put upon her and she felt guilty of nothing but, still felt guilty.
    As the days went on Happy grew nicer but was only mean with her usual puns of guiltiness she felt all of a sudden when she did this. She usually said “like I need your approval,” to her teachers, and “I hear the other ucky people calling you!”  Happy was not all that happy when it came to school.  Happy was miserable at school.  All the time, too!  Happy to no interest in schoolwork.  Happy only liked to torture the animals there.  Happy still felt miserable, even after she said the meanest pun she could think of!  Right in Jim Jam’s face too! ( Jim Jam is a panda that was born in Asia and not in China where they usually are always born. “You go girl, and don’t come back!”  Happy would always say that to Bamboo the koala.  Bamboo was a grayish, greenish color.  That’s why her mother named her Bamboo!  ( Weird, I should know! )  When Chocolate finally caught up to Happy, Happy was asleep under an orange tree, that was the tree right next to there house.  “Happy, wake up.  Happy, wake up!”  As Happy blinked the sleep out of her eyes she noticed that there was a cantaloupe sitting in front of her.  “ This is a trap ” she muttered to herself quietly.  Cantaloupes were her favorite type of fruit, so Happy was very anxious to eat it.  “Maybe if I sneak it off the trap really fast … no that won’t work, maybe … no that won’t work … why do the good die young!?!?!” “This isn’t working!”  As happy looked around when she heard someone speak she saw a paw in the bushes.  “momma I know its you I’m not coming back I hate that house and everyone in it!  I’m running away momma and never coming back, never ever never ever in a bazillion years will I come back!”  Happy started to cry slightly.  “ why am I doing this it’s all a mistake! Why?!? Why!?! Why?!?”  As she noticed her momma crying she sad “I’m sorry momma I didn’t mean it I want to stay with you but there is to many rules I need to live by my own.  If you lighten up on ‘em I’ll come back!”  Chocolate’s eyes sparkled with delight as she accepted the question with a tiny smile, which grew to a smile that was from ear to ear!  “you can live with us for the rest of your life if you want Happy!” “ no thanks I want to have my own kids one day!”  As the walked home Happy told her parents she would be nicer from then on!

The End
Author's Comment:
Ohmaigawd. Thank gawd it's over. I almost shit myself reading this it was so horrible. Damn XD
~Teffer-chan; Site Creator