It's a never ending ride..!

Harmonious! was founded by Stephanie Horwath in the early months of 2009.

Summary of Harmonious! - Teffer-chan:

Teffer-chan inherits a house from her grandfather who just recently passed away. She decides to live in the house by herself. There are four bedrooms in the very large house, so she decides to then rent it out to teenagers who have permission to live in the house with her by their parents. Teffer-chan's parents live a few blocks away from the house, so she can still visit them regularly.

Summary of Harmonious! - Minami:

Teffer-chan rents the first room out to Minami. The two have only ever seen each other at the school they attend, Midori High School. (It means Green High School, because the school colors are green and black. The mascot is a pray mantis.) Minami and Teffer-chan are in the same science class. They only see each other from a distance and have never actually formally met. Minami is very spontaneous, just like Teffer-chan. They become friends very fast. Minami is very prim and sort of proper, so she has a personalized tailor that her dad hired for her when she lived with them. She offers Karin, her personalized tailor, to come and live in Teffer-chan's new appartment building.

Summary of Harmonious! - Karin:

Karin decides that she will take the offer that Minami gave her, and so she comes to live with Teffer-chan and Minami. She always does everything on time, but is very clumsy. All of the guys love her because she is very cute and clumsy. The perfect match for a hunky jock guy at Midori High! Karin is very skilled with her hands. She's always creating a new fluffy outfit for Minami and Teffer-chan. She loves making dolls. She owns a tailoring shop nextdoor to Teffer-chan's parent's house. Teffer-chan love shopping there, especially around Halloween. Karin makes everything from scratch, never even bothering to use old material. She runs the shop with her grandmother, Ari-sama. Her grandmother and Teffer-chan's grandfather got married after Karin's grandmother divorced her original husband. Teffer-chan and Karin used to be good friends when they were little, but Karin started attending a Catholic school named St. Aka's Catholic School. It's an all-girl's academy. Karin now attends Midori High School, ever since her step-grandfather passed away. Karin asks her most valued customer, Sprites, to come and live with them; seeing as Teffer-chan is a wonderful house owner. Karin tailors everything from normal clothing, to dresses, to customized dolls. And that is exactly what Sprites loves.

Summary of Harmonious! - Sprites

Sprites buys everything that Karin has ever made... At least, every single Sprite doll from Harvest Moon! (She owns all 101 Sprites!) Sprites is a very obsessive teenager. She fell in love with Harvest Moon when the first game came out. She owns every single Harvest Moon game. She only buys new consoles for Harvest Moon games. She had to beg her parents to buy her a new Gamecube when she accidentally spilled Juicy Sprite soda on it. They finally gave in and bought her a new one. She's just recently became obsessed with Harvest Moon DS Cute. Sprites has always wanted to live with Karin, since they were childhood friends, also. They both attended St. Aka's Catholic School until two years ago, when they both transferred over to Midori High School. Sprites is still good friends with Karin, and she just recently became friends with the two spontaneous teenagers, Minami and Teffer-chan. Sprites met the newest student of Midori High when she arrived a little early in the morning of lunch. Lunia was sitting alone, so Sprites decided she should try and get to know more people than the ones she was living with. Sprites then introduced Lunia to Teffer-chan.

Summary of Harmonious! - Lunia

Sprites asked Teffer-chan if Lunia could live in the last guest room, because her parents were going to move to America, but Lunia didn't want to move. Teffer-chan agreed, being very lenient as she usually is. Lunia hates dressing up, so she and Karin usually don't get along. Karin loves dressing people up like little dolls, so she usually dresses up Sprites, or Minami. Lunia barely has anything when she first moves in to Teffer-chan's house, but she is very fond of desserts. Lunia is rarely ever seen doing anything but eating sweets (cakes, cookies, pudding, ice cream, etc.) Her favourite treat is mainly cookies, seeing as they are easy and portable. Lunia doesn't like to sit down, but she always claims herself to be "lazy", when she rarely ever does sit. Lunia takes a great interest in television, so she's constantly watching it. She also likes blasting her music at random hours of the early morning. Lunia eventually blossoms from her shyness and becomes friends with everyone, even Karin. ♥

Harmonious! is copyright to Stephanie Horwath. All characters belong to her and their owners. If you steal them, nothing will happen. No kittens will die, you won't get sick. You'll just forever have to carry the burden of copyright theft.