The Howling - Jacob & Luna Oneshot

            The night was like any other night, cold, rainy, and bittersweet.

            Sprawled out across my bed, on my back, I made no indication to move my lazy self across the room.

            "You’re lazy! Get up!" My grandmother scolded, slapping my thigh, and stinging my flesh.

            "Shut up! Don't boss me around!" I shouted back, fleeing from the scene before it got nasty, like always.

            "Wait until your sister finds out! She's going to beat you!" My grandmother was an idiot. She thought my "sister" would do everything that hurt me, instead of her. She was the lazy one, not me.

            "Don't think about it, or it's just going to hurt more..." She called from across the room, as I started folding the laundry that was in the metal bucket at my feet.

            "I wasn't..." I mumbled, half to myself.

            "What ever. It's your fault you were ever born. Your father was a kind man, but your ugliness must have killed him!" She was just being a total pissed-off mother-character now. My father loved me, and I shall not forget that.

            A door squealed, and my beautiful sister Esme walked in.

            "Esme dear, would you please discipline your sister? She is being naughty, and I don't want to waste my needed time spanking her." My grandmother calmly stated. She was the real devil out of hell.

            "Now, now, mother. Spanking one's child is wrong, and you know that." Esme's twinkling voice rang out, loud and clear.

            "Do it. Do it now. I will banish you from the house if you do not do it." Grandmother Isle threatened.

            "Please. Do not spank her. She is the only one that can deliver my child...!" Esme was expecting. She wanted the little child that was inside her, and she would fight for her life to get it.

            "I was planning on leaving, anyway. Kick me out, if you must. Leaving would make things a hell of a lot easier." I complained, smoothly.

            "Watch your language!" Isle shouted, smacking my mouth- which was already swollen from being hit so many times.

            "Stop that!" Esme defended me, as my grandmother kicked Esme in the stomach.

            "How dare you!" Esme was in tears now, hunched over on the floor.

            Isle showed no mercy, and no indication to stop her rein of terror on Esme's baby.

           "Luna!" Esme pleaded, as she hauled herself up from the floor. I knew what to do. I was trained as a medical doctor, accounting on the fact I was so smart.

            "You’re not going to give birth to a live, breathing child! This thing was a sin, not a blessing! Let me get rid of it before hand!" Grandmother Isle was going crazy, as she kicked, punched, and kneed Esme in every place possible.

            "LUNA! DO SOMETHING!" Esme cried out, as I stood back and watched my sister die slowly, and painfully, along with the child she loved more then herself that was going to die in a matter of seconds.

            "Please!" Was the last thing I heard, before the crying of a baby, screams of pain, and the smell of blood... But whose blood?


            Kicking up stones as I walked down the cold, bare, and darkly-lit streets of San Fransisco, I recalled everything that happened. My sister Esme's baby's life taken from it's poor shell of skin, my grandmother, who had kill my sister's baby, who went insane the night I left, and of course; me. I was the only one sane enough to know, I had to run away. Run far away. My eyes focused on the scattered pebbles that littered the cracked sidewalk made me want to cry. I was upset, because my sister Esme did everything she had said she would. That was, killing herself, of course. I, Luna De Cruz, couldn't stop my beautiful sister, Esme, from jumping off a cliff. She was ill, yes, but I was just ill-bred. I was never supposed to be born, an accident, I never even knew my mother. Some say she had died, others say she roams the streets, and eats out of the garbage. They all say my father turned her into this monster, and that she had killed him. No one knew the real story, and that is one reason I'm not surprised the legends go on, for centuries more, at the most.

            Esme is gone, Esme, my beloved sister, is forever gone. Her free, kindred spirit; gone. And it was my entire fault...


            My life was about to end, no matter how much I wanted to live. This wasn't about me; this was about Esme's child. He had died, and he was going to stay dead. Nothing could bring him back, not even my own life. I wanted to be with Esme in Heaven, or Hell, which ever she was in. This wasn't my day, it really wasn't.

            As I stood at the very edge of the cliff, in the very spot Esme had fallen from, I knew it wasn't meant to be. I was ready to pummel into the nothing of the sea below me.

            Now, was my time, even if it did feel so wrong, in the end it would be so right...


           Coughing, I awoke from the silly dream I'd been having, where everything was just a giant swish of water and waves, tumbling my broken and bruised body around and around.

            I smelled the strange scent of salt water that I hadn't smelt in so many years. I was 19 now, seeing as I ran away from home when I was 17.

            But now, everything was changing; becoming worse then before. I really was being sloshed around like a jellyfish in a giant wave that a surfer should ride, not a poor defenseless teenage woman.

            I coughed again, becoming slightly more aware of where I was exactly. I saw something floating next to me out of the corner of my eye, but I drifted out of consciousness before I could really tell what it was.


            I coughed, once again, as I felt sand scratching my shoulders. I smelt blood, sea water, and... Wet fur?

            I rolled over and my jaw hit a rock. Crying in agony, I noticed that it wasn't a rock I hit; it was a wolf's muzzle.

            "What the he-" I shrieked out, but my mouth was covered by someone's hand. It was a muscular hand, I could tell, but that someone dug their fingernails into my skin. I cried out in pain again, tasting the blood in my mouth.

            “Paul, let go of her!” the wolf beside me snapped, almost taking off my ear.

            “Watch where you snap those jaws,” Paul took his hand off my mouth just as I snarled out, just now realizing that a wolf could talk.

            “Don’t be afraid, child…” the man named Paul, whispered bitterly to me.

            “Don’t call me child, you f-,” I was about to curse, but I thought wiser of it, seeing as there was a huge wolf laying down and a very muscular man kneeling next to me on either side. I felt small and weak; trapped.

            “What should we do with her, Embry?” Paul snickered evilly out to his supposedly partner.

            “I say we take her back to Sam. I mean, we can’t just leave her here alone. She might be one of them.”

            “Are you kidding me? She isn’t one of them. She smells fine to me; in fact, she smells better then fine, she smells just like us!” Paul chuckled darkly, standing up and instantly becoming five feet taller then me. I was completely afraid at this point, so I naturally clutched the warmest and softest thing to me; which just happened to be the wolf, Embry.

            “W-Who are you guys?” I stopped tugging at Embry’s fur and started shifting backwards on the sand, just now realizing I wasn’t wearing any clothes but a greasy tank-top and a pair of ripped jeans and boxers. I don’t ever remember dressing like a guy who works on automobiles.

            “I’m Embry Call, nice to meet you!” the wolf snarled out in a friendly manner, or so it seemed, as he outstretched is paw towards me, expecting me to shake it. I shook it, just so I wouldn’t get eaten by this humongous creature. The two laughed at me, as the wolf placed his paw back on the sand.

            “My name isn’t important right now, but just call me Paul,” Paul mumbled out, as he outstretched his hand, also expecting me to shake it, or so I assumed. I shook it, the two laughed again; a mysterious smile still lingering on Paul’s lips.

            “Let’s go. Get on, uhm… What did you say your name was again?” Embry shook his pelt off as he asked, embarrassed.

            “Luna… Luna De Cruz… I think, at least.” I brushed my natural strawberry blonde hair away from my shoulder.

            “Is that where you got your name from?” Embry asked, sniffing at my hair. I slunk away, heading towards the shore line more, since we were on the beach still.

            “Uh, yeah, I guess. My mother died before she could name me, so I guess that’s where I got my name from. My father named me, but…” I sighed, trying to make my body resist the urge to cry. I can’t cry in front of these two boys. I don’t even know who they are? Why should I even trust them?

            “Don’t cry! Don’t cry!” Embry scrunched his face up funnily, so I couldn’t resist this urge to laugh. It was too hilarious. So I laughed, but he was confused, so I stopped a peered at his dark brown eyes.

            “You’ve got pretty eyes Mr. Wolf…” I mumbled out stretching my hand to pat him on the head.

            “I’m not a wolf… I’m a werewolf!” Embry growled playfully, as he transformed into a human; I just stood there and wobbled like a toddler.

            “I guess you’ve spooked her now. Good job. Just get on his back, wolf or not, and let’s go. Sam is gonna get a kick outta her!” Paul scoffed, as he turned into a wolf himself and dashed off away from the shoreline and into the coast’s town.


            “So, this is… La Push?” I read the sign carefully as I knotted my fingers together as they wrapped around Embry’s neck.

            “Yep, it sure is a beauty, ain’t it?” Embry smiled, looking up at me with his head tilted back.

            “It sure is…” I pursed my lips and covered my eyes from the setting sun with my right hand. “It’s also a beautiful day!”

            “It’s like nothing ever happened, I guess.” Embry shrugged, making me shriek as I teetered back and forth on his shoulders. I started choking him and he poked me in the arm, making me jump and almost send him falling head over heels; with me still on his shoulders.

            “Sorry, sorry! I didn’t mean to almost kill you,” Embry explained quickly, gripping onto my thighs tighter so I wouldn’t fall off.

            ‘You’re kind of… Muscular,” I murmured in his ear, poking his triceps.

            “And you’re kind of tiny,” he murmured back, just as quiet, as he looked up at me and smiled.

            “Oh, shush. I barely even know you and you already start harassing me?” I smirk, but it fades as we walk into the forest that’s on the edge of the town, revealing a flattened plane of grass; like a crop circle of some sort.

            “Welcome to La Push’s forest of greenery!” Embry jokes playfully as I stare at the four men before me.

            “W-Who are they?” I hiss into Embry’s ear as I continue to stare at them with wide brown eyes.

            “We’re the Quileute Tribe. Welcome to La Push.” A man with long dark brown hair welcomed me, as Embry removed me from his shoulders. I looked almost two feet shorter then this man. Again, I felt small, and puny; but this time, I felt innocent.

            “A-And I’m here… W-Why?!” I couldn’t stop staring up at this man. I felt younger than I really was because of my height. Embry was taller then me, but, I think almost everyone here was taller then me; besides the only other female in this tribe of men.

            “We heard that there was someone floating in the ocean. We don’t let people drown out there, or the cops from Forks would be all over our- er, tails.” The man explained, wincing as he said tails.

            “I know you’re werewolves.” I bleakly said, my stomach churning.

            “You do?” The man’s eyes widened, but I had a feeling that I had made him happy, or some one did, at least. Embry just nodded to him.

            “Nice to meet you, er… Sir?” I mumbled out, lowering my head but extending and raising my hand for him to shake it, all in one motion. I felt his muscular and reach out and grip it firmly. I just released the pressure in my muscles, like a scared little possum does when a dog tries to kill it.

            “You don’t have a very firm handshake, now do you? Oh, and, my name’s Sam. Sam Uley.” He smiled down at me as he released my hand. I just stood there clutching my hands together at my chest, my arm hair standing on end.

            “Don’t be scared. We’ll take good care of you!’ Embry grunted friendly words of encouragement in my ear as the others stared at me.

            “Do I have to stay here?” I looked up at Sam again, expecting him to say something like: ‘we’re keeping you in a dungeon until you learn to behave!’ or ‘you have to learn to control your temper and be strong!’

            “No, no, you don’t. But you’re welcome to if you want! I’m very sorry that you had to meet Embry first. He’s the… Shy one of the tribe, I guess you could say.” Sam looked at Embry with a hard gaze, but as it flickered to me it would turn warm again.

            “If I were to say… You know, stay here, where would my room and board be?” I muttered, so the rest of the tribe couldn’t hear me; I had a feeling they could.

            “You’d be staying with Embry. He could use a little house bunny like you to spruce up his manly interior.” Sam winked at me and Embry, as he turned into a gigantic pure black wolf with yellow teeth. He growled to the pack behind him and ran off between Embry and me.

            “W-What the-,” the rest of the pack ran off between and on opposite sides of Embry and I, so I naturally fell to the ground and covered my head in an awkward position. Embry transformed and touched my hands with his tail, comforting me as the other wolves ran past us. Two tears dripped from my eyes as I quickly sniffled and stood up, seeing Embry redressing himself.

            “Embry…” I whispered, jumping towards him, wrapping my hands around his neck. “What are they, Embry…?”

            “Werewolves, my dear, werewolves,” he turned around and hugged me briefly, before picking me up and walking away from the clearing; my head leaning on his chest.


            I awoke to the noise of a door ca-chinking at my ear. What was that? Am I dead? Where am I? Why do I feel so… Warm?

            “Is she sleeping?” a new voice murmured above my head, someone’s breath making my forehead hot.

            “I think so… But, shush, she’s a light sleeper. When we found her on the beach the sounds of the smallest wave would wake her,” Embry’s voice rang in my head, ever so softly.

            “A’ight, then let’s go make ourselves something to eat. I’m sure this poor little scrap of fur is going to be hungry when she wakes up,” the newer voice faded as what sounded like two men, walked into a different room, bringing their mumbles with them.

            Sleep… You need sleep, Luna… Sleep, darling, Daddy’ll be home soon…


            “Shh, you’ll wake her with your big mouth, Jacob!” Embry spat at the newer voice I had heard before. It apparently now had a name, and it just so happened to be Jacob.

            “Nnn… W-Wha’?” I grumbled, rubbing my eyes harshly.

            “Good evening sleeping beauty!” Embry seemed chipper to see me awake. He was adorable, but too cute for my liking.

            “Mornin’ sunshine,” I yawned and stretched, realizing I was lying on a couch. A decently comfortable couch, too.

            “Want some breakfast? I made my specialty,” Jacob, who had short brown hair with the deepest brown eyes I’ve ever seen, offered to me, as he was sporting an apron that said “Kiss the cook” on it.

            “Sure, Cook. Make me whatever, I’m starved. May I have a glass of water?” I turned to Embry, as both practically skipped off to the kitchen.

            “They sure are excited… I remember that Jacob kid from yesterday, though. He seemed… There was just something about him…” I mumbled out loud to myself, as Jacob walked back in the room, Embry following him.

            “Bonn appetite!” Jacob mouthed to me silently as he bowed while Embry sat down next to me. “May I?” He pointed to the couch.

            “You may. This isn’t even my land. I don’t know who owns it, but this sure isn’t my couch!” I giggled as Jacob awkwardly pushed me over a little and then sat down, resting his arm on the back of the couch.

            “You’re right, this isn’t your house. It’s mine.” Jacob smirked, just as the doorbell rang.

            “Company; at this hour, but why?” Embry blinked over at Jacob, who looked equally as confused.

            “I don’t know, lemme go check it out,” Jacob hopped off the couch and peered through the peep hole in the door. “It’s Bells!” He announced to no one in particular, as he opened the door and hugged the brunette as she walked in.

            She starred at me. Her huge brown eyes gazed at me. They were as big as the moon, but definitely not as pretty. They looked like ugly mud puddles.

            “Hi, Bella!” Embry waved, obviously not giving up his spot next to me on the couch.

            “H-Hey Embry… Why are you at Jacob’s house and who-,” Bella was cut off as Jacob grabbed her by the sleeve and dragged her into the kitchen in the next room.

            “Who was that?” I mouthed silently to Embry, as we attempted to listen in on Bella and Jacob’s conversation.

            “Isabella Swan. She lives in Forks, the next town over, but she’s dating a Cullen.” Embry made a face as he said Cullen. I asked who the Cullens were, are he told me they were vegetarian vampires. I knew exactly what he meant so I stopped asking questions and just eavesdropped some more.

            “Alright, alright, calm down now!’ Jacob cooed at her softly, but loud enough before us to her him. “Just because he left means nothing; he’s a fool. You’re a wonderful woman, Bells, he just didn’t know how lucky he was.”

            Embry explained the whole matter to me. Bella left, still crying, as Jacob sat back in the same position as he was in before.

            “Bella is such a whiner, but I love her all the same.” Jacob sighed, like he was heart broken or something.

            I just shrugged, obviously in pain, and tried to stand up. My knees gave out; and in a rather quick scene: Jacob was holding me in his arms as I was half bent over, water splashed all over my chest.

            “…I feel cold now,” I scrunched up my face in an annoyed manner, realizing I was still wearing the same clothes as this morning when I was found by Paul and Embry.

            “I’ll warm you up!” Jacob and Embry said in unison, glaring at each other as Jacob spun me around, took the plate and cups from my hands, and hugged me tightly.

            “T-Thanks…” I blushed, my face getting red hot.

            “You’re adorable when you blush, Luna…” Jacob whispered in my ear, as I heard Embry stomp out the door, muttering a goodbye to us as Jacob rested me in his lap on the couch.

            “You’re just adorable overall, Jacob…’ I mumbled drowsily to him as I drifted off to sleep, still in his arms.


            “Jacob? Jacob? Jacob!?” I hollered out in my sleep, dreaming about Jacob and Embry fighting over me. Jacob was badly wounded. And then, before Jacob was about to die because he had a giant gash in his throat, I awoke to a prodding in my side.

            “Hey there, sleepyhead. I need you to say hi to my father for me. Bella and I are taking the motorcycles out for a spin.” Jacob peered down at my face.

            It was now official three months since I had been living in Jacob Black’s house. Billy, Jacob’s dad, wasn’t too enthusiastic that I was practically living with them, but he didn’t mind since I did the cooking and cleaning. Jacob didn’t fall behind in school, since I was in my last year of school myself, so I would help him with his homework. I went to Bella’s school, since it was cheaper than making me go to school in La Push.

            “Alright, whatever. Just come back if one of you gets hurt. I’ll take care of your cuts and bruises.” I winked sleepily as Jacob left, grabbing his helmet before he did so.


            Later that night, I realized that I wasn’t the only one in the house. Jacob was actually home for once. He had taken Bella to the emergency room when she cut her face from using a motorcycle.

            “Jake? Jake, are you at home?” I hollered down the hall. He only grunted as he walked out of his bedroom in his boxers and an old tank top.

            “You know, Luna, things are a lot easier with you here. I’m not constantly pestered to do anything but my schoolwork!” Jacob hugged me for a second, before sitting down at the table to eat his dinner. “You make fantastic fish sticks, you know that?”

            “Thanks. I didn’t totally cheat off of the box or anything!” I smirked briefly, just as Billy came in through the front door.

            “Evening Luna, how’re you?” Billy cheerfully looked at me, as I bit into one of the many fish sticks piled on a plate.

            “Good, I assume. I mean, I haven’t attended school in four days, but I’ll be going tomorrow. My first day, huzzah!’ I sarcastically cheered, as I shoved another fish stick into my mouth.

            “Don’t worry about your first day. I’ll attend it with you, if that’s what you want, Luna.” Jacob cracked a smile, as he shoved two more fish sticks into his mouth.

            “Naw, you don’t have to. I mean, unless you really want to, but I don’t think Billy would like that.” I glanced over at Jacob’s father, as he rolled his wheelchair over to the table and grabbed a handful of fish sticks himself.

            “I don’t care. Jacob, you do whatever you want. As long as it doesn’t include ruining your education or killing and or harming you in any way, do whatever.” Billy had become more carefree since I’d arrived. He didn’t seem to worry as much about Jacob, or pester him, since Jacob didn’t have to do anything. For right now, at least.

            “If I out eat you, you don’t come and embarrass me. But, if you out eat me, you may come and embarrass me. Sound fair enough to you?” I smirked, as I swallowed briskly, after taking a sip of soda.

            “You’re so totally on.” Jacob just couldn’t refuse an eating contest.

            “Ready… GO!” I shouted enthusiastically as I shoved three into my mouth. Billy counted both of ours so all we had to concentrate on was breathing, eating, and swallowing.

            About three minutes later, I burped. My stomach hurt and my back ached. Jacob was still shoving food down his throat.

            “How can you eat that much food? It’s just disgusting how many you can stuff down that large throat of yours.” I snickered

            “I guess it’s just the wolf in me, you know?” Jacob chuckled heartily, as he chewed and swallowed the last fish stick with pride, beaming like a sun.

            “More like the pig in you…” I teased him lightly as I grabbed the plates and washed them quickly. I turned around and Jacob was gone. “Ja-,” someone grabbed my shoulders and I jumped.

            “Calm down, Luna. It’s just me.” He laughed as he saw my expression when he spun me around. “You make the funniest faces.”

            “Oh, shush. I need to get to sleep for school tomorrow. Good night my wolf-of-a-brother!” I spun around away from him and went to go lie down on the couch, where I had made my bed. I fell asleep almost instantly.


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