Real name:
Current age:
Positions in life:
Artist, school student, animator-in-progress, author, and volleyball player.
Current Residence:
United States of America, Pennsylvania

About Teffer-chan:
I was born and raised in PA. I still live in the same house that I've always lived in. I'm random, spontaneous, and I really live up to my astrology sign, Aquarius. I has a furry. I'm a weeabo, cause me and muh home dawgs are cool liek dat, bro. I'm just very creative, or so I've been told. I like using emotes to express my feelings! .3. I'm slightly socially awkward; (DO YOU FEEL OKAY? [OKAY?] YOU LOOK PRETTY LOW! VERY HANDSOME AWKWARD!~) ten points to anyone who guesses that song and the band correct! ;D I like eating. Food is very important to me; so my parents never have to worry about me becoming bulimic or anorexic. If I don't eat anything, I'll die. Literally, too! XD I'm just an all-together awesome person. I was once at a Catholic school, but now I'm at a Public school. I might be transferred to a boarding school, but that's another story o_e; I love drawing anything and everything! =D I'll have information on how to contact me on another page on this website. Bai-bai for now!~ ♥