Fruits Basket Fanfic

    Tohru stood in the hall of Momiji's father's company building. 'I wonder who's going to pick me up tonight, Yuki-kun, or Kyou-kun?' Tohru thought to herself, then notice a black haired girl sprawled out on one of the chairs in the lounge room. Tohru walked over to the dark haired girl and whispered to her, "Excuse me, do you have a key for a room?" The girl took the magazine hanging from her face, and looked at Tohru square in the face with her chocolate mud-brown eyes, piercing her very own.
    "Oh, are you Honda?" The black haired teenage girl said sweetly, then sat up and folded the magazine back to shape, and placed it on the coffee table. She brushed her hair back behind her ear, then looked out the window. "Yes, I'm Honda. Tohru Honda! Who are you?" Tohru said, then noticed the black haired girl looked at her again.
    "Oh, I'm Souma. Kirema Souma!" Kirema said smiling at Tohru like they've know each other since they were little. 'SHE'S A SOUMA!!!" Tohru's thoughts came racing into her mind like people swarming around a Japanese celebrity. "So, do you know Yuki and Kyou Souma?" Tohru asked excitedly, her eyes glowing. "Know them? I'm related to them!" Kirema said happily, just as Yuki walked threw the opening elevator doors.
    "Miss Honda, are you ready to g-...!" Yuki stopped mid-sentence, then looked Kirema straight in the eye. "K-Kirema?! Is it really you?!" He said, astonished by her strange appearance out of no where.
    Kirema stood up straight, then quickly ran over and hugged Yuki as hard as possible. "Oh, Yuki! I haven't seen you in... FOREVER! You weren't at the New Year's Party, so I asked Daddy where you were, and he said at home with Tohru, then he told me all-l-l-l about her! Then out of no where, she woke me up! Isn't that right Tohru?" Kirema said, then looked at Tohru, who was beaming to meet another member of the Souma family.
    Kirema, Tohru, and Yuki all walked home happily in the late hours of the night. "So, when was the last time you've seen Yuki?" Tohru asked questioningly. "Umm... I think it was when we were around 5 or 6 years old! Right Yuki?" Kirema said smiling at Yuki. "I think... Just around that time I guess!" Yuki replied, then smiled back at Kirema.
    As the three got home, the family reunion started up.
    "OH DADDY!" Kirema shouted, then hugged Shigure. "DADDY?!!" Tohru shrieked, half excited, half terrified. "KIREMA IS YOUR DAUGHTER?!" "Well... Yes... I'm sorry I didn't tell you Tohru, but it seemed best we didn't bring it up...!" Shigure finalized her and Kirema's introduction. "Oh, Daddy, have you seen Kyou? He wasn't at the New Year's Party either! Remember?" Kirema said, pleadingly. "Kyou? Oh, Kyou-kun's probably in his room studying for the end of the semester tests! We'll have you start school again when they're over! Okay?" Shigure stated, then smiled at his shockingly beautiful daughter.
    "What's with all the noise out here, I'm trying to study!" A noisy voice came from the hall to the right. Out stepped the handsome orange headed boy, with a red face as he eyed Kirema. She turned around from looking at her father, to looking at the orange-headed teen, who was blushing madly, but also was being very tense.
    "KYOU-KUN!" Kirema shouted, then ran over and hung her arms around his neck and gave him a big squeeze, followed with a kiss to his cheek. "Kyou-kun, how have you been?" Kirema asked. "I-I-I'm good...!" Kyou said, blushing eight hard shades of red.
    "Okay, that's it, no sweet talking my daughter, Kyou!" Shigure said, standing up and separating the two still hugging. "Oh, Daddy! You know me and Kyou go back far in our childhood days!" Kirema said, sucking up to her father who looked her in the eye. "It's okay Daddy, I'll sleep in Kyou's room tonight!" Kirema said, as if reading her father's thoughts, and where she was going to sleep. "No you won't!" Shigure argued. "Daddy! Please! I'm sixteen, I think I can do what I want!" Kirema argued back.
    "Well, Miss Honda, since it's a good time to go do something productive, unlike these two," Yuki stated, pointing lightly at Kirema and Shigure, "why don't I help you study?" Tohru nodded thoughtfully, then ran upstairs and into her room to get the studying notes, and guide-lines for the test. "Kyou, would you like to study with us?" Tohru asked politely. "Not with that damn rat!" Kyou complained.
    "Oh, Kyou-kun, your the same as you've always been!" Kirema said, snuggling up to him, then having Shigure pull them both apart, then having Kyou-kun and Kirema-chan both blush madly. "ENOUGH!" Shigure yelled. "DADDY! THIS IS WHY I NEVER WANTED TO LIVE WITH YOU!" Kirema said, then stormed off out the front door of her father's house. "KIREMA! WAIT!" Shigure yelled, then followed her out into the moon-lit night.
    Tohru turned teary-eyed, then broke out crying into Yuki's shirt. "W-Why would Kirema reject her own father like that?" Tohru asked Yuki as she looked up into his sad eyes. "Why would... Why would Shigure reject his own child like that too?!" Tohru asked once more, just as Kirema stepped into the house crying, then ran down the left hallway, and into Yuki's room.
    Yuki stood up, and left Tohru crying at the table. "Do you think she'll be alright?" Kyou asked, sitting down next to the sobbing Tohru. "Y-Yeah... She looks like a tough girl..." Tohru complimented her, just as Kirema's father broke threw the front door, and made his way to Yuki's room.
    Yuki stood over Kirema, and Kirema lay on his bed all caught up in herself she didn't even realize Yuki was there. Shigure entered the room, and asked Yuki to go comfort Tohru, so he could speak to Kirema alone. Yuki bowed, then left the room. Now father and daughter were alone.
    "Kirema... I'm sorry. Your right, you deserve to do whatever you want, and if you choose to live here with me, or go back with your foster mother, then please, choose whatever's best for you. Staying here with us would mean a lot to me, and I think it would mean a lot to Kyou and Yuki too. Tohru looks in need of a new friend too...!" Shigure said, smiling at his daughter who lay sobbing in wet tears. He placed his hand onto her back, then kissed her head. "You can make any decision you want... As long as you'll still think of me...!" Shigure said, then closed the door to Yuki's bed room, and walked back to the other three teens that he watches over, night and day.
    "Is she a-alright?" Tohru asked, lightly sobbing still. Shigure just nodded, then went into his bedroom and closed the door. Yuki comforted Tohru, while Kyou was on the phone with the main house.
    "Oh, okay. You want Kirema to come visit you, Hatori? When?... Tomorrow morning at 10... Okay! Good night, Hatori." Kyou said, placing the phone back on the receiver, then went to his bedroom, without even saying good night to Tohru and Yuki.
    "Well, I guess we better turn in for the night. I think it would be best if Kirema slept in my room...!" Yuki stated with a warming smile at the end, just long enough before Kirema came out of Yuki's room to disturb the perfect moment for Tohru.
    "Yuki...! May I sleep in Tohru-chan's room tonight? Please? I would like to spend some time with her... Maybe, sharpen our bond? Would you like that Tohru-chan?" Kirema said softly, weeping softly under the hard surface that her father had cracked at her resentful get together at his house. Yuki just nodded, then went into his bedroom with a sleepy, but bright smile that seemed to put everyone to rest peacefully that night.
    The next morning, Tohru was making breakfast, while Hatori showed up earlier then expected, and Kyou and Yuki fought more hardy then usual.
    "What if these to never were enemies as kids?" Hatori sighed to himself, just loud enough for Kirema to hear him, and the protective Shigure to also hear him. "Well, they would be sitting at the table, legs crossed, arms folded neatly, and nothing would be flying threw the air, and no one would ever scream at the dinner table! How wonderful that would be!" Shigure's imagination got the best of him, then Kirema rolled her eyes in pure boredom at her father's unsightly mind.
    "KYOU-KUN, YUKI-KUN, SHIGURENII-SAN, HATORI-SAN, KIREMA-CHAN! BREAKFAST!" Tohru yelled out as she set out the table for them all to sit at and eat together. Hatori and Kirema walked in, hand in hand, then sat down first, followed by a sweating Kyou-kun, and a calm Yuki-kun. Shigure was last, except Tohru who served all the boys, and Kirema-chan.
    "Honda-san, this is delicious! I love it when you make leek soup, it always seems to taste better then any other soup I've ever tried!" Yuki compliment Tohru, who was in a formal kimono that seemed to glisten in the setting sun. "It is good Tohru-chan!" Kirema said, trying to match Yuki's comment, while Kyou refused to eat it. "I told you before, I won't eat this stuff!" Kyou complained, pushing the bowl towards the middle of the table. "Kyou-kun, I knew you were going to say that, you've been the same as when you were little! So, I bought you something!" Kirema said, excitedly.
    Kyou just sat there, as Kirema pulled a little black and purple striped box with a black bow on the top. "This is for you!" Kirema said, smiling sweetly at Kyou. She handed the box to him, and he opened it as if he were cutting a cord that could lead to all there deaths. As he slowly opened it, Yuki got up, and politely tapped Kirema on the shoulder, and asked to meet her in the kitchen.
    As Yuki and Kirema stood in the kitchen talking softly, Tohru and Shigure stood over Kyou looking at Kirema's little gift to him. It was a bracelet, only it was purple and black beaded, and not red and white like his other bracelet. "It's wonderful! Put it on! Put it on!" Tohru chanted at Kyou, as he sat staring at the gift given to him. "Come on, K-chan must think your special if she gave you, that!" Shigure said, a little pause in his voice at the end. "My daughter sure is special...!" Shigure gloated some more.
    Yuki and Kirema stepped out of the kitchen, and stood before all four of the other roomies. "Hatori, may we ask you to leave?" Yuki said politely. Hatori nodded, then gathered his things, said goodbye, then he was off, and out of the way.
    The screaming, arguing and crying went on for days as it seemed. Everyone went to there separate rooms, and Tohru and Kirema sat talking for hours during the night. "That was terrible. I made that bracelet for Kyou too. He broke it. He broke our friendship. I made one for me and you, and Yuki too." Kirema said, solemnly, then held up her wrist and showed her the red and black bracelet that she had made for herself. "I made Kyou-kun a purple and black bracelet, Yuki-kun a light blue and black bracelet, Tohru-chan a pink and black bracelet, and myself, a red and black bracelet. I thought it would we good to have something that special bonding as all. Like brother's and sister's...!" Kirema said, crying into Tohru's chest, then she dropped her hands to her side, and leaned on Tohru for support, trusting that she wouldn't let her fall to the floor and off her bed. "We were all just tired, let's just go to sleep K-chan." Tohru said, then tucked Kirema in like her mother would do for her, then snuggled up to her under the covers, and fell asleep with her hands entwined.
    The next morning was even more silent then the night before. Everyone but Shigure wasn't talking. "If you'd talk anymore, then I would think your talking just to hear yourself!" Kyou screeched at his guardian. Shigure just shook it off, then left the room. Tohru and Yuki were both getting dressed for school, and Kirema and Kyou were sitting at the table eating breakfast, and were already dressed. "K-Kyou-kun...." Kirema apathetically said, her mouth dry from the deadly silence. "What." Kyou dryly complained back. "I'm sorry... If you could ever forgive me, I'd do whatever it took to be your friend again. Your the only one that would dare come near me, and since your mother fostered me at birth, we've been each other’s playmate since we both could either remember. I remember the day we first met. You were so excited because you've never actually met a real child that was the same as you, with the zodiac curse and all. So, you grabbed my hand, and we played every single game we could think of, skipping out of nap-time, and driving your mother crazy, it was the best...!" Kirema thought out loud. Both of them blushed slightly, then Yuki disturbed there thoughts with a simple; "Utterly disgusting." He said, breaking the connection pulsing between the two.
    "Y-Y-Yuki-kun!" Kirema managed to stammer out. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say thought out loud, my thoughts getting the better off me I guess!" Kirema said, then Yuki grabbed her shaking hands, and caressed them gently, touching them softly to his chest, then kissing the back of each one.
    This had set Kyou off, he was in pure hatred and rage now. "DON'T YOU TOUCH HER YOU PRETTY BOY!" Kyou said, smashing his fist between the two, and then almost hitting Tohru in the face. "Am I missing something here?" Tohru asked, with a questioning glance towards Kirema. "Is everything alright K-chan, you seem frightened?" Kirema nodded, not making eye contact with any of them. He face turning deep red, her mind going black, her palms sweating, and her whole body going into sheer panic.
    Kirema lost it.
    She panicked, and ran out into the dew-filled world right outside the door. "KIREMA-CHAN! WAIT!" Both, Kyou and Yuki shouted at the same time, reaching out, then racing to the door, their feet matching the same pattern, and their hearts beating one beat ahead each time. Tohru stood there, clueless to what had just happened, but then realized what had happened a few moments after, retelling all the details inside her own head.
    After Yuki and Kyou found Kirema under a dew-covered holly bush, in her zodiac form, a dog, they got her to come out by force, receiving many scars and bloody from the prickled plant, they managed to get to school, then cleaned up in the bathroom, then walked to class, they were a few minutes late, but it was understandable, because they got sent to the nurse and got late excuses.
    "Okay everyone, tonight’s homework is on the board, and if you have any questions, check online for the latest homework pages, and tips on how to do the homework You are dismissed!" The homeroom teacher said, and a few kids left the room for lunch.
    Yuki approached Kirema silently, but then lightly tapped her on the shoulder as she was laughing, and fooling about with Uo-chan, and Hana-chan. "May I talk to you privately, Kirema-chan?" Yuki politely said, then grabbed Kirema's hand, and pulled her right to the other side of the door, where the halls were filled with brightly colored fliers, and every inch of the whole school was adds about nothing useful. Then Yuki explained why he dragged her out here.
    "K-chan... I have to talk to you about Kyou-kun..." Yuki stated dryly, at the little sprit of Kyou's name.


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