Beginning of Warriors of the Field;

This story has been discontinued. Please feel free to read what was written of the story below, though!

The Beginning Of It All

            “Falconslash, I want to go out and play with Violetkit!” Wolfkit whined pathetically to her mother.

            “Why don’t you wait for Bramblekit to wake up?” Falconslash purred at her rambunctious daughter, as Bramblekit stirred at her belly.

            “I’m going to have to wait moons for that furball to wake up though!” Wolfkit squeaked, her tail twitching, as someone padded into the Nursery.

            “Wolfkit, behave. Your mother has enough to worry about without you complaining in her ear all the time,” The medicine cat, Spottedstripe, mewed as she padded in.

            “But… Spottedstripe! Bramblekit always sleeps so long, and so I get impatient-…” Wolfkit meowed, but was silenced by Falconslash’s tail tip.

            “Hush little one. Bramblekit will wake up soon. I promise you,” Wolfkit’s mother murmured to her, as Spottedstripe pressed on her sister’s stomach.

            “Why don’t you fetch Falconslash some fresh-kill? She needs as much food as she can possibly get. Besides, it’s Newleaf now, so the prey should be thriving in the forest.” Spottedstripe murmured through a mouthful of borage leaves.

            “Okay, Spottedstripe! I’m going to get Falconslash a vole bigger than me!” Wolfkit’s mew faded away as she scampered off across the clearing.

            “Thank StarClan she’s gone! I’m going insane listening to her babble all the time,” Bramblekit squealed to his mother and aunt. Falconslash purred as she licked at the poultice that Spottedstripe had set out for her.

            “Thanks again, Spottedstripe. How is Soulpaw coming with his training?” Falconslash continued to purr, as her sister bragged about her apprentice.

            “He’s a wonderful apprentice. He listens very closely, no matter how silly of a comment I make! He’s so bright and cheerful all the time, too, even after loosing his mother.” Spottedstripe exclaimed, sitting down and wrapping her tail over his forepaws.

            “But, for now, I must be off. I want to get some sleep before I have to go on a herbing patrol. It’s also almost time for us to go to another gathering. I can’t wait to show Soulpaw Moonfalls!” Spottedstripe exclaimed, as she trotted happily out of the Nursery, leaving Falconslash alone with Bramblekit.

            “Mama, why isn’t Violetkit in the Nursery anymore?” Bramblekit asked, looking up at the queen with big amber eyes that didn’t seem to fit his small tabby head.

            “Violetkit has been ill recently, so she’s staying in the medicine cat’s den. I’m sure she’s going to recover though,” Falconslash wearily mewed, trying to not scare her son.

            The ferns rustled as Wolfkit’s rear poked through, her tail sticking straight up.

            “Look what I got for you, Falconslash!” Wolfkit mewed heartily through the giant rabbit’s scruff.

            “Thanks a lot, my dear. I’ve been half-starved since you two are almost weaned. I just wish that I could take you out and let you play in the clearing more often…” The queen murmured toward the end of her sentence, half wishing she never said it.

            “Its okay, Mama, we still love you, no matter what!” Bramblekit mewed up at her, his head cocked to the side a little.

            “You two are just so cute, I never want to let you grow up,” Falconslash purred loudly, as the ferns rustled again and a familiar black pelt showed through.

            “Darkfang!” Wolfkit and Bramblekit exclaimed at the same time, tackling their father.

            “And how are my favourite kits doing?” Darkfang purred as Bramblekit let go, but Wolfkit stood her ground and clung on tighter, digging her claws into his shoulder.

            “You’re a mean FireClan warrior, get out of the Nursery!” Wolfkit hissed playfully, as Darkfang bat at his daughter gently, as she swayed side to side, still clinging to his shoulder.

            “Hey! I want to help you attack the FireClan warrior, too,” Bramblekit yowled a battle cry like a true warrior would, as he tackled his father, lunging at him and sending him stumbling out of the Nursery.

            “Watch it, young’uns. You don’t want to startle the whole clan with your constant yowling! Somecat might think that there is actually a real invasion!” Soulstone, Falconslash’s father, purred with amusement.

            “Just because you’re an elder doesn’t mean you don’t know how to play, too,” Darkfang jeered playfully at him, as he gently flung the two kits towards him.

            “Another FireClan warrior, oh no! Get him, Wolfkit,” Bramblekit yowled again, rearing onto his hindpaws as he bat at Soulstone’s shoulder.

            “I’m not a FireClan warrior! I’m your clanmate, you silly kits!” Soulstone purred louder, as Darkfang returned with a piece of freshkill for the elder.

            “Thank you very much, Darkfang.” Soulstone muttered his gratitude through a mouthful of mouse.

            “Prey is running very good, lately, Lightningstar.” Leopardstripe, the deputy, mewed to BreezeClan’s leader.

            “That’s very good. I was hoping that it would pick up, seeing as how rough this past Leafbare has been,” Lightningstar nodded to the tom, his yellow eyes brimmed with fear.

            “Lightningstar, may I talk to you about something?” Soulstone asked, padding over to his leader and dipping his head in pure respect for the golden tom.

            “Would you like to talk in private, Soulstone? Or would you rather us discuss it with Leopardstripe, too?” Lightningstar asked, as he dipped his head also for the elder.

            “It doesn’t matter. Whatever is most comfortable for you,” Soulstone blinked, as Leopardstripe scrapped at the earth.

            “Well. I’m thinking of leaving the clan. I know, it’s a mouse-brained idea, but I think it’s time I live on my own, and care for myself. I’m just so lonely in the elder’s den. No one to share stories with and the kits never visit their kin anymore! I think it’s my time to go,” Soulstone explained his reason; curious faces look at the old silver and brown tom.

            “If this is what you wish, you are excused from the life of the clan.” Lightningstar nodded solemnly, as if he knew what Soulstone was going through. “May StarClan guide your paws, my friend.”

            Gently, Soulstone rubbed muzzles with Lightningstar. The leader could feel the retired medicine cat’s heart beat faster and faster as he padded away from the only clan he’d ever known.

            “Where is my father going?” Falconslash blinked somberly as he padded out of the clearing and into the forest, alone.

            “…He’s leaving us, Falconslash. I’m sorry he didn’t say goodbye,” Lightningstar sympathized the young queen, knowing that she had already lost her mother, Flowerpelt, because of a dog pack.

            “It’s okay. Flowerpelt always said he was hare-brained, but she trusted him with her life…” Falconslash blinked awkwardly as soft, reassuring mews came from behind her.

            “I’ll get you herbs for shock-…” Spottedstripe began, but stopped, seeing as, even though Falconslash and her were only half-sisters, it was still technically her father.

            “He left without saying goodbye… I don’t mind that he left, he’s very old and frail anyway, but without saying goodbye? I just…” Falconslash’s voice trailed off as Wolfkit awoke from sleeping between Bramblekit and Violetkit, who had recovered, the next morning.

            “What’s wrong with Falconslash, Darkfang?” Wolfkit’s mew awoke him, since he’d been sleeping next to Roseyclaw.

            “She’s just lost her father, Wolfkit. Give her some time. But for now, I think you had better eat freshkill instead of mooching off of Roseyclaw,” Darkfang purred, not even seeming worried about his mate.

            “Aren’t you worried about Falconslash?” Wolfkit saw Bramblekit’s eyes light up with hatred, as he stared at their father.

            “I am. But if she doesn’t get over it, she won’t be able to take care of you two. And since I can’t give you milk, and Roseyclaw still isn’t feeling well… Well, it gets hard for us. Falconslash has always been there for me, and I’m always going to be there for her. Now excuse me, my children,” Darkfang explained, as he trotted over to comfort Falconslash, who was staring blankly at the sky.

            “Is she going to be okay?” Bramblekit asked Roseyclaw, who was washing him.

            “Blech! My fur smells like a wet mouse’s!” Wolfkit complained, as she saw Burntwing pad into the clearing and snatching a small mouse.

            “Hey, Burntwing!” Roseyclaw blurted out, as Burntwing stopped and looked at Roseyclaw.

            “Can you come over here and suckle these three, or at least watch them, while I go to the dirtplace?” Roseyclaw asked, as she looked into the senior warrior’s eyes.

            “Of course I can!” Burntwing happily accepted the task, as Roseyclaw stretched, blinking over her shoulder gratefully at Burntwing.

            “Burntwing, Burntwing, come quick!” Spottedstripe yowled, scrambling out of the medicine cat’s den, than back in really quickly. Burntwing didn’t hesitate, as she spun around and stole into the medicine cat’s den. The smell of herbs stung Wolfkit and Bramblekit’s noses, as they followed Burntwing inside.

            “This place smells yucky,” Wolfkit mewed, scrunching up her nose.

            “Is that Falconslash?” Bramblekit’s mew startled Wolfkit, as she jumped in surprise.

            Spottedstripe was lying at her side, her nose buried in the dark brown tabby she-cat’s scruff fur.

            “…She’s dead,” Spottedstripe mewed coldly, her gaze hardening as she saw Wolfkit and Bramblekit’s shocked expressions, and instantly felt guilty.

            “H-How… She c-can’t! Sh-She c-can’t be… D-D-Dead!” Wolfkit stammered out, her mew hollow and empty, as if all the fluids in her body had been drained out.

            “…She’s dead, she’s dead. She’s really, really dead,” Spottedstripe whispered to herself as Burntwing led the kits outside of the den.

            “W-What happened?” Bramblekit mumbled, as he looked up at Burntwing for reassurance that their mother wasn’t dead.

            “She killed herself, and it’s all because of that stupid furball had to leave without saying good bye to his only true daughter!” Burntwing hissed, her pelt bristling as she lead the kits over to the safety of the Nursery. “Just stay in here unless Roseyclaw tells you otherwise, okay?”

            “Okay!” Bramblekit and Wolfkit meowed, as if their mother’s death meant nothing to them.

            “Hush now, darlings. Sleep and you will wake up feeling as good as new. I know, I know, you didn’t want your mother to leave us, but it was her time,” Roseyclaw urged them towards her with her tail, letting them suckle quietly as she rested her head and began to snore gently.

Cats from Warriors Of the Field


Blazestar – Large orange and white tom with bright green eyes



Leafchortle – Golden brown she-cat with yellow eyes

          Apprentice: Maplepaw


Medicine Cat:

Ambershadow – Auburn, black, and white splotched she-cat

Apprentice: Mallowpaw



Fernclaw – Peach she-cat with a grey striped tail


Lurchfur – Brown tom with green eyes


Birchclaw – Reddish-brown tom with green eyes


Lionstrike – Large golden tom with brown eyes


Hollyflower – All black she-cat with green eyes


Silverflight – Silver she-cat with icy blue eyes


Peachtail – Peach and tan she-cat with green eyes


Beetlethorn – Brown and black tom with blue eyes


Flameflower – Auburn she-cat with leafy green eyes


Tigerstripe – Large tabby tom with amber eyes


Sagepelt – Grey and black tabby tom with amber eyes


Moonshade – Black and white spotted tom with hazel eyes


Gingerclaw – Tan tom with blue eyes



Mallowpaw (Medicine Cat Apparentice) – Grey tom with blue eyes


Maplepaw – Brown and grey she-cat with blue eyes



Brownie – Light brown she-cat, former pet of a Twoleg (Beetlethorn’s mate)






Owlkit – Light brown tabby tom (Brownie)


Eaglekit – Brown tabby tom (Brownie)



Frozenstar – White and peach she-cat with icy blue eyes



Skyfur – Silvery-blue she-cat with dark eyes


Medicine Cat:

Heatherwing – Grey and white she-cat with green eyes

          Apprentice: Starrypaw



Icefox – White she-cat with piercing blue eyes


Moonflight – White tom with blue eyes

          Apprentice: Whitepaw


Splashtail – Bluish-grey she-cat with yellow eyes


Berrypelt – Large cream tom with dark eyes

          Apprentice: Blizzardpaw


Starshine – Black she-cat with white flecks near paws and muzzle


Greyface – Silver and grey she-cat with a cream belly


Fallenfeather – Cream and white she-cat with green eyes


Rainfrost – Silver and white she-cat with light blue eyes


Snowyfur – White she-cat with one blind eye


Creampelt – Cream tom with broad shoulders and green eyes


Stormflight – Large dark grey tom with yellow eyes


Lunarblaze – Golden she-cat with golden flecks and green eyes


Bluefrost – Bluish-grey she-cat with grey eyes



Mintflower – Cream she-cat with grey eyes (Berrypelt’s mate)



Greymist – Grey she-cat with grey eyes



Starrypaw (Medicine Cat Apprentice) – Black and grey tom with green eyes


Blizzardpaw – White and grey tom with broad shoulders


Whitepaw – Pure white tom with broad shoulders



Moonkit – Creamy tom (Mintflower)


Hawkkit – Brown tabby tom (Mintflower)


Lightningstar – Large golden and tan tabby tom with yellow eyes



Leopardstripe – Large golden and tan tabby tom with blue eyes


Medicine Cat:

Spottedstripe – Silver and black tabby she-cat

          Apprentice: Soulpaw



Yellowclaw – Golden and tan tabby she-cat with blue eyes


Lizardfang – Golden and tan tabby tom with blue eyes


Ashbringer – Dark grey tom with fierce amber eyes

          Apprentice: Needlepaw


Burntwing – Reddish-brown she-cat with leafy green eyes


Lightmangle – White and black splotched tom

          Apprentice: Nightpaw


Sorrowpelt – Bluish-grey she-cat with blue eyes

          Apprentice: Ghostpaw


Rushpelt – Black and brown splotched tom with green eyes


Leaffall – Ginger tabby she-cat


Jaymoon – Light grey tom with blue eyes


Tangledpelt – Tawny tom with his pelt hairs always tangled


Wolffire – Black, ginger, and white tom with green eyes


Darkfang – Black tom with dark eyes and sharp teeth


Blackwing – Black and auburn she-cat with fur tufts on her ears



Falconslash – Dark brown she-cat with amber eyes (Darkfang’s mate)


Roseyclaw – Auburn she-cat with bright green eyes (Wolffire’s mate)



Soulstone (Retired Medicine Cat) – Silver and brown tom with amber eyes



Ghostpaw – White tom with amber eyes


Soulpaw (Medicine Cat Apprentice) – White tom with dark green eyes


Needlepaw – Bluish-grey tom with green eyes


Nightpaw – Black she-cat with green eyes



Violetkit – Auburn she-cat (Roseyclaw)


Wolfkit – Dark grey tabby she-cat (Falconslash)


Bramblekit – Dark brown tabby tom (Falconslash)




Mudstar – Brown tabby tom with amber eyes



Darkheart – Black tom with broad shoulders and green eyes


Medicine Cat:

Cedarheart – Ginger and grey tom with one blind eye



Greenslash – Tan and black tom with dark green eyes


Sparrowfeather – Dark brown she-cat with amber eyes


Scratchpelt – Name-changed tom with black fur and lots of scratches


Mouseclaw – Brown and white tom with a silver muzzle


Marrowfeather – Brown and cream tom with a silver tail


Tawnyfur – Tawny she-cat with amber eyes


Onetail – Dusky white and brown tom with blue eyes

          Apprentice: Cloverpaw


Sandwhisker – Tan and brown tabby tom with amber eyes


Honeystripe – Tan and golden tabby she-cat with amber eyes

          Apprentice: Treepaw


Silentshadow – Black she-cat who was once a loner, with amber eyes and a white-tipped tail


Dreamfur – Bluish-grey she-cat with blue eyes


Auburnfall – Auburn tom with reddish-brown eyes


Squirreltail – Ginger and dark brown tabby tom with green eyes



Goldenstripe – Golden brown she-cat with pretty grey eyes (Mudstar‘s mate)



Copperpelt – Reddish-brown tom with brown eyes


Deerfur – Brown tom with brown eyes



Treepaw – Brown tom with green eyes


Cloverpaw – Brown she-cat with dark green eyes



Dogkit – Dark brown tom (Goldenstripe)