Vampire Knight - A Fanfic // INTRODUCTION

Introducing: Arisu "Kiryu" Nasami (Meaning: "Noble sort"; a form of Alice from English terms). Appearance: Long silvery-white hair with purple/violet eyes.
Ending theme sings: “Hi Miss Alice”, because Arisu is Alice in English, and Zero grew up with her.

Introduction: Arisu Nasami was taken in when Kaname Kuran found her bleeding outside of the Night dorms. She's a pureblood vampire, but she looks a lot like Zero, so everyone just assumed she was Zero's twin sister, besides the vampires and Headmaster Cross. Yuuki and Arisu became good friends when Yuuki realized that she was there when Kaname rescued her. Yuuki is always trying to impress Arisu, since she is considered royalty within the Night class and Day class members. Arisu was originally going to join Zero in Day classes, but since she’s a vampire, she chooses to stay with the rest of the vampires in Night classes. She also isn’t very social when talking to humans, but she’s very talkative when around vampires.

Vampire Knight - A Fanfic

            I sighed, the same normal feeling creeping up on me like a giant, cold claw slicing across my back and shoulder blades.

            “Zero… How do you stand it?” I stared blankly out the window, looking up at the moon, as Zero flipped over on his bed to ignore my words.

            “Why do you want to know?” Zero mumbled.

            “She’s just so…” I shuddered; I promised I wouldn’t drink another human’s blood as long as I lived.

            “Don’t even think about it, Arisu.” Zero hissed at me as he rolled over toward me this time, his violet eyes shining as the moon shone brightly on my white uniform.

            “These outfits are a drag. I guess they’re better than bloody rumpled pieces of trash though,” I grumbled. I wasn’t used to this sort of pampering, seeing as I was on my own from the start. Brushing my hair away from the front of my shoulder, I stood up from my seat on a wooden chair.

            “Where are you going?” Zero raised his head, looking at my back as I strode over to the door and touched the cold knob.

            “I’m going on patrol for you tonight. I’ve got to keep them in line. I’m surprised Headmaster Cross is even letting me have this job…” I sighed as I shook my head to myself, closing the door behind me.


            I walked casually down the boys’ dormitory hall, like it was my own house.

            “I’ve really got to give up coming to this side of the academy. Sure, the moon will guide me home, but Aido is getting worried about me…” I huffed, looking out the big bay windows at the glistening moon as it shone over the Night classes’ dormitories and classrooms.

            A chattering was heard coming form the girls’ wing of the dormitories.

            “Those bothersome women,” I whispered gruffly to myself, running quickly to the door I heard it coming from. I knocked twice, no answer. I knocked three times, no answer. Sighing, I pulled the spare master key I had possession of and clicked it into the knob’s hole.

            “Arisu, Headmaster Cross’s third-in-command, what is going on in here?” I barged in to Yuuki’s room. She lay sitting up in her bed, her lamp lit, as her friend tossed to the side opposite of the light.

            “Oh, Arisu! I’m so, so, so sorry! Did we wake you?” Yuuki apologized, as I just shook my head no and started out the door.

            “Wait, Arisu! Please, stay for a second,” Yuuki quickly murmured. Her roommate sighed briefly from under a pile of plain white sheets.

            “What do you want? I’ve got business to do,” I snapped at her.

            “I just wanted to know; is Zero doing okay?” Yuuki looked over at me, hope shining in her red eyes.

            “He’s fine. I was just leaving his room. He’s completely fine.” I glowered at her, as I left the room. At least, I hope he’s fine.


            “Ari-chan! Ari-chan!” A voice called to me; I knew it was Aido. His happy, cheerful mood never failed to put a smile on my face.

            “Yes, yes?” I smiled as I looked to my right, my hair splaying over my shoulder and coming undone from the untidy bun I had it in. He stared at me lovingly, as he jumped into my arms. I felt a splash of something hit me on the cheek.

            “Aido-kun, are you crying?” I blinked as I wrapped my arms around him.

            “…Y-Yeah,” was all Aido replied. I knew exactly why, too.

            “Did he-…?” I asked, breathing into his ear.

            “…No… That’s why,” Aido sniffled, his breathes coming in shallow strokes, making him gasp repeatedly.

            “Which one?”

            “The usual, as always,” Aido released his tight grip on me, as I quickened my pace, my hand in his, as I stood looking up at Kaname.

            “Kaname,” I bowed to him. His eyes betrayed his body’s emotion, as they sparkled; amused.

            “Yes, Arisu?” He bent over, as I stood up, so we were the same height.

            “Aido reported to me that you weren’t playing fair, or by the rules. Is that true? Do I need to report this to Headmaster Cross, again?” I smirked, knowing I would win this simple argument.

            “I was, but that’s beside the point. Aido, just because Arisu remembers you from when we were little, doesn’t mean you can use your crush’s abilities for your own entertainment. Why don’t you go study or something?” Kaname suggested, as he eyed him up and down briefly.

            “Oh, all right, sir. But, Arisu, re-,” he was cut off by Kaname, who pushed him to the side so I could walk by. I just nodded to the two; they were too adorable. I knew they stared at me as I walked back to the Day dormitories to wake up Zero, since it was almost dawn.


            “Zero-kun! Time to wake up, my sleeping vampire of a brother!” I sang out, as I opened the window’s shades.

            “Close that stupid shade. It’s too bright…” Zero mumbled as he flipped over.

            “Oh, you poor thing…” I mused sarcastically, as I crawled on top of the covers next to him and slung my arm over his shoulders. “You poor, poor thing… Yuuki is out doing patrols all by herself, and you’re here making a fuss out of everything!”

            Zero bolted straight up, as I laid there; my head resting on my elbow as I watched his reaction come into play.

            “I’ll be right there Yuuki…” He muttered softly to himself, as he stripped down to nothing and then redressed himself and ran out the door.

            “Tsk, tsk, that boy is so untidy!” I chimed cheerfully, picking up his clothes and cradling them against my body, heading toward the Laundry room outside of the dormitories.


            “Ari-chan, why are you here at this hour?” Yuuki hooted at me, her red eyes spreading wider than usual.

            “I’m washing Zero’s clothes. I’ll wash yours too, if you’d like me to.” I looked over at her and smiled.

            “Oh, seriously? I was looking forward to helping Zero with patrols, right after I did my laundry. If you would, I don’t know how I could repay you-,” I cut Yuuki off with a swipe of my finger across her lips. Shushing her, I whispered for her to go have fun with Zero.

            “Oh, thank you so much, Arisu!” Yuuki squealed happily, as she practically skipped off towards where Zero had just been, watching us.

            “Poor, poor Zero. That poor, poor boy…” I smirked to myself, as I threw Yuuki’s laundry in with mine.


            “…Kiryu. Kiryu, come here, Kiryu.” A voice whispered my name in the darkness, as I patrolled again for Zero and Yuuki.

            “Who’s there?” I hissed, bending over and holding my gun that was in my jacket pocket.

            “Don’t worry, Kiryu. I wouldn’t ever dare hurt you…” A giggling erupted from the, what seemed like, little girl’s voice.

            “…Don’t come near me!” I snarled abruptly, turning around and pulling out my gun. I pressed it harshly against the forehead of a little silver-haired girl. “Who are you, and why are you on the Night class’s property!”

            “None of that is important. Stand down, guardian.” Kaname wrapped his arms around my neck from behind, slapping my arm down.

            “K-Kaname-sama!” I jumped, completely confused as to why Kaname had randomly showed up.

            “Come back with us, Arisu. The watch will be done for the night. This woman will not harm you.”

            “I’m not leaving my duties.” I threw his hands off from around my neck and dashed off, putting my gun back. I was heading straight for Zero’s dorm room. Kaname knew why, too.


            “ZERO! ZERO! WAKE UP ZERO!” I hissed into his ear, as his body shook suddenly.

            “What the-? What do you want, Arisu?” he snarled at me, his purple eyes glaring at me in the darkness.

            “Kaname is going to take Yuuki!”

            “W-What?!” His eyes went from about to kill me, to shock and disbelief.

            “I’m not kidding, I swear it. He’s probably there right now. Go!” I shoved him out of the door, pajamas and all, and then locked it.

            “That was close…” Aido’s eyes sparkled brightly with amusement as I strode over and sat next to him on the chair that Zero had in his room. “So, what do you plan on doing for the rest of the night?”

            “Oh, you know; skip classes. I’m not even supposed to be taught anymore, but, seeing as I need my education, Headmaster Cross is ‘ordering’ me to learn.” I snickered, seeing as Headmaster Cross only took a select few things serious. But, when I was around, he took almost nothing serious. We were like twins or something, we were so alike.

            “Ah, well, I think you should come to classes with me!” Aido picked me up, cradling my head against his chest.

            “Oh, Aido…” I moaned sarcastically. “You just aren’t a ladies man, are you?”

            “Of course not! Why would I need any other lady than you?” He winked at me as he jumped feet-first out of the two story window, me still in his arms.

            “You’re too clever, Aido. I think we should go now though. Put me down, and let me go to my classes!” I pushed at his chest so he would drop me. He dropped me, and took my hand instead. “Better, better. You’re definitely getting better.”

            “Thanks, Ari-chan. You’re getting better, too, I guess…” He blushed as we continued to hold hands and walked off to class. We were going to be late, but it didn’t matter much.


            “Kiryu-chan? Kiryu-chan, are you awake?” a voice called my name as I blinked sleepily.

            “Kind of… Why, what’s wrong, Akatsuki?” I mumbled, looking up at his fiery hair that glowered at me in the sunlight. “Geez, you could’ve woken me up sooner! It’s probably almost noon for the humans…”

            “It’s past noon, Kiryu-chan. You slept almost all night and day out here in the sun. I’ve been assigned to take you to the infirmary at once.”

            “No need, I’ve got to go speak with Kaname-sama. He’s been crawling up one to many butts lately. He needs to learn to stop sticking his proper nose into my business,’ I hissed. But, in all honest, I wasn’t lying. Kaname had always been the type of man who would poke and prod at you until he got the answer he was looking for. The only person he never questioned was Yuuki and I.

            “Don’t worry about that now. Just come with me to at least inside of the Moon dormitories. You can rest in my bedroom for now. Hurry up,” Kain turned around and bent down. I climbed onto his back and he just sighed as I laid my head against his shoulder and he walked away to the male side of the Moon dormitories.

            “Thank you, Akatsuki…” I whispered in a hushed voice under my breath, as I dozed off a little.

            “No problem, Ari-chan… No problem…”


            It was dusk when I awoke from my slumber. As I lay sprawled out on Kain’s bed, Aido sat on the very bottom edge, looking at me lovingly.

            “Good evening, my rose.” Aido stood from his spot near my feet, and came and sat next to me, letting me hug him around the waste.

            “Mornin’ to you too,” I giggled, as he patted my head, running his fingers through my hair.

            “Akatsuki said you wanted to talk to me about something?” Aido quickly stood up, pulled the covers away from me, and stared at my half-naked body for a few seconds, before crawling under the covers with me.

            “Of course I want to talk to you. When I’m not talking to you, things are boring.” I sighed, as Aido wrapped his arms around me, lightly kissing my cheek.

            “Whenever I’m not talking to you, I feel like my heart has turned to ice. You’re the burning passion that keeps me going, Arisu-chan.” Aido whispered in my ear, making my head fall limply onto his shoulder.

            “Why do we continue to do this? You know that I’m supposed to wed Zero-kun. Our parents set it up like that, just like Kaname and-,” I was cut off as the door to Akatsuki’s bedroom flew open and Kaname stood there, his eyes shining red in the moonlight. “Ever heard of knocking?” I sat up, resting my body on my elbows. Aido did the same, only he clung slightly to the arm nearest him, scared of looking Kaname in the eyes, so he looked at my face instead.

            “I don’t need permission to knock to where a liar is being kept.” Kaname spat out the words like he was about to kill me.

            “I’m no liar. I’m just merely having a conversation with my unofficial lover.” I only called Aido that because my late parents told me, before they passed away, that I was to marry Zero Kiryu. We weren’t actually biologically related. We aren’t related at all. Headmaster Cross-sama decided that it would be best if we seemed as those we were related, since we’re both vampires, and we both look alike. So far, we’ve tricked everyone but Zero himself, and Kaname, since he had the right to know when I transferred to Cross Academy. Headmaster Cross-sama also decided that, my last name was that of Zero’s, so it would be like we were already married. And thus we are, since there was a wedding and a honeymoon to follow it up. It wasn’t romantic at all, but rather just a get-away from life itself. Zero said himself it was the most fun he’d ever had in his life, even if he was a tortured soul, also known as: a vampire. Aido-kun has always been my ‘unofficial lover’ though, since we’ve been close as children, even though he never met my parents. My real last name is actually Nasami, one of the most powerful pureblood vampire clans that used to be around. Now, I’m referred to as Kiryu, seeing as no one but I know my real last name.

            “Arisu-senpai…” Kaname bowed to me, as he walked closer. “Please, accept my apologies. I didn’t mean to interrupt anything, but I simply just wanted to talk. Aido, please leave. You make re-enter when I leave this room.”

            “Very well, Kaname-sama.” Aido left the room without argument. He was a man of a lot of words, but when it came to people he cared and respected for deeply, like Kaname-senpai and I, he didn’t question or argue our instructions or orders.

            “What is it you want, Kuran?” I politely threatened him, as I sat up gently, my hair tousling behind me.

            “You’re a very beautiful woman, Arisu-chan. I don’t see why you’d choose Zero for your hand in marriage. If I were you, I would’ve chosen Aido from the start. But, I guess family comes first in this world that is usually consumed by hate and love.” Kaname sat down in front of me on the bed, looking at me from a side-ways angle.

            “You’re a very handsome man, Kaname-sama. I don’t see why you’d choose Yuuki for your hand in marriage. I’m not trying to tell you to do what I think you should do, I’m just telling you to do what you think you should do. Zero-kun wasn’t my choice, but rather a request from my parents. I’ve only wanted to make them happy. Seeing as you’re going to marry your sister, I don’t see the problem in me marrying my brother.” I crawled up beside Kaname, my shirt hanging down so it revealed everything that I never intended on hiding.

            “Put some clothes on before you go out. I don’t want you embarrassing my students. You call yourself a pureblood…” Kaname snarled at me.

            As he left the room, Aido shyly winked at me. He’d heard the whole conversation, I could tell by his weak smile.

            “I don’t think you should put clothes on… I like you the way you are, Arisu-chan.” He breathed into my ear as he pushed me back onto the bed. He kissed me once, and immediately slid his tongue down my neck. I assumed he was going to bite me, so I playfully resisted, his eyes turning a bright red, hungry for my blood.

            “If I let you drink my blood… You’ll be craving for more. Every vampire who has drunken it has said it was the most delectable thing they’ve ever drunken in their life. But, it was their last drink, too, seeing as I would kill them before they would get their second gulp down.” I smirked casually, seeing the horror splay across Aido’s face. It relaxed as he realized that I would never intentionally hurt him. “If you’re dieing to drink it… Drink it already.”

            And that was it. I felt his two sharp fangs pierce my neck. I smiled smugly as he breathed in the sweet aroma of it, the scent filling the room and spilling into the hallway and out the windows.

            “You taste better then anything I’ve ever tasted…” He licked his lips, blood dripping from the corner of his mouth. I reached my neck up and licked the remaining left from his mouth. He kissed me one last time before crawling off of me and returning to his sitting position.

            “You know, Arisu-chan. I think we may just have to meet like this more often. I don’t think I’ll ever need to find another victim again…” Aido smirked as he stared over at me, as I drifted off to sleep. The last thing I heard was him muttering “I love you” to me, and the soft shutting of a door.


            “Arisu Kiryu, please report to Headmaster Cross’ office. Arisu Kiryu, please report to Headmaster Cross’ office.” A voice over the intercom awoke me from my calm slumber in the classroom that I was currently in.

            “Do you know what this is about, Kuran?” My eyes were in slits as I stared over at him, hissing.

            “No, I don’t. You’d better hurry; Zero is probably there with Yuuki. Tell her I said hello.” He calmly shrugged as I got up out of my seat and walked out of the door sluggishly.

            “Stupid father-like characters; I don’t think I’ll ever get a wink of sleep in this damned academy.” I whispered to myself huffily, as I opened the door without knocking. “Yes, Headmaster Cross?”

            “Arisu! I’m glad to see that you’ve come. I thought you would’ve skipped out, like usual. Did something happen to you last night? You’re quite the sight tonight.” The headmaster sang out, eyeing me suspiciously.

            “Ah, yes, now that you made me think of it. I got into a fight with a level E vampire in town yesterday evening in the town. He was actually going after Yuuki over there.” I pointed to Yuuki, who looked sheepishly up at me for a moment, before looking over at her adopted father’s expression.

            “Yuuki…” Zero murmured, whispering something into her ear, and then standing. He walked over to me and kissed my cheek lightly. “How are you this evening, my love?”

            “Don’t act dumb, Zero-sama. You know you never wanted to marry me. You just wanted to make my Daddy happy…” I sighed, breathing into his ear. “You know you love me, but you know you love Yuuki more…”

            “No… I don’t, Arisu. You knew what it was like for me when I was little.” He lifted up my chin, kissing me on the lips gently. “You were always for me, no matter how much I hate purebloods. You’re different…”

            The Headmaster coughed, making me look at him scornfully.

            “Don’t be impatient, Cross. I haven’t seen Zero in over a month. This is the first time I’ve seen him since our honeymoon.” I snapped at him, as he looked over at Yuuki from the corner of his eyes.

            “Yuuki, can you please leave the room for a few moments? I need to discuss something between these two.” Headmaster Cross looked fully over at Yuuki now, as she just nodded and left. The door made a soft ca-chink as she shut it behind her.

            “Arisu. Everyone is suspicious of your presence. All of the Night Class students know you’re married to Zero-kun, but I think you should keep it from the Day Class students… Including Yuuki. She knows now, but, I think she’s a little crushed. Zero can’t drink your blood, since you’re like poison to every non-pureblood. You’re one of the most dangerous purebloods we have here at Cross Academy. So if you could, please step down from your ranking as third in command, under Takuma.” His eyes burned into mine, as I felt the Zero’s hand clutch mine even tighter.

            “I refu-,” I was cut off as I turned my torso around to see Kaname walking in calmly.

            “I could sense that things weren’t going well. Yuuki is safely in her room. Zero, please return to your room, as well. I have matters to discuss between Arisu and myself.” Kaname pointed towards the door as his eyes twinkled with hatred for just a few seconds, as Zero turned away from me and walked out of the door.

            “Speak, you mutt. I don’t want to be here waiting all day,” I spat at him, as I sat in the seat across from him.

            “Mutt… You shouldn’t say such cruel things, Nasami.”

            I gasped… He wasn’t supposed to know my real last name. It was forbidden by the Sacred Council!

            “Kaname, I demand to know where you got that information from!” I snarled fiercely at him, my face an inch away from his.

           “Zero Kiryu.” Kaname muttered his name, and stood up and bowed to Headmaster Cross; walking out of the doors.

            “…Zero…” I hissed under my breath, as I mentally broke all of the chairs in the room, including the one Headmaster Cross was sitting on.

            “Arisu! Arisu! Calm down, please, Arisu!” Headmaster Cross pleaded, as Zero ran in, Yuuki following him. The three crouched under the headmaster’s desk as I continued to wreck everything. I was huddled in a ball in the far left corner of the room, clutching my knees to my chest.

            “I have to calm her down…” Zero whispered, half to himself, as he quickly ran over to my side before I could hit him with anything.

“Arisu… You know I love you. I know, I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone, but the rumor going around was that you were Kaname’s sister, and I know how much you hate what he’s become. I just wanted to clear that up. Kaname promised, no matter how much I or you hate him, that he would keep it a secret. He said that it would hurt Yuuki if she found out one of her close friends were capable of killing her any second. She’d be afraid and upset, and Kaname doesn’t want Yuuki to be like that. I don’t want her to be like that, either…” Zero whispered calmly in my ear, as Yuuki peeked around the edge of the desk. She was crying, but my eyes stayed the blood red color they usually never were.

“Bite me, Arisu. I know you’re craving for something sweet…” Zero pulled down the collar of his shirt, as Yuuki gasped in a frightened manner, as I licked his neck. I pierced my cold, sharp fangs into his neck, as he moaned slightly, since he had never had this much self-pleasure with something this life-threatening for a human, when he was first bitten.

Blood dripped down my face as I finished, licking the wound again as it sealed.

“Did you expect that much enjoyment?” My eyes had returned to their limpid lavender color, as Zero embraced me tightly. I gasped in shock, seeing as Yuuki and Kaien were still watching us from behind his desk.

“No, but the last time I had my own blood sucked was when I was turned into this dreaded creature. If only you could experience the joy that comes when someone drinks your blood…” Zero sighed, as he looked shyly up at me. This was the first time I had ever seen Zero looking shy.

“I don’t want to sentence you to death, yet, my love. But for now, Yuuki’s blood will work just as well. I’m like a poisonous apple to normal vampires. I’m more delicious then normal blood-,” I paused to lick the blood off of my fingers that was left from my mouth. “-but I get into your blood stream and I poison your mind, body, and then I strike and take your life, simple as that. I won’t put you to sleep for the night, but forever.”

Zero looked up at me, lovingly. His eyes were a bright red.

“Yuuki-chan, please come here!” I sang out happily, as I wiped my mouth again, feeling the blood still dripping down my chin.

“Y-Yes Kiryu-chan?” She kneeled down next to Zero, as I stood quickly.

“Fill in my place for Zero. You may not taste as sweet, but you’re blood is still attractive enough for now… Until…” I cut off as I strode over quickly to Kaien. He was leaning against his half-broken desk. “Cross-kun…” I glared at him coldly, as I leaned in.

“Don’t, Arisu. It’ll just get you into trouble.” Headmaster Cross stared just as coldly back.

“Whatever. Zero, hurry up, we have a patrol to get to. Yuuki, when he’s finished, leave for your dorm. I’ll cover your shift for tonight; I still have business to cover with Aido-kun anyway.” I twirled my hand in a counter-clockwise motion, as Zero looked towards me, his eyes returning to their violet color.

“Yuuki, come say good night to your father!” Cross-sama hollered at her, just as she was about to leave his office.

“Oh, and Kaien… Sorry about the office!” I pulled Zero out of the room by his hand as I ran down the hall; my uniform ribbon twirling in circles.


The next night was different than usual. Maria Kurenai had awoken, after being possessed by Shizuka Hiou.

“Maria! I’m glad to see you’ve finally awoken. I’m glad you’re also very healthy!” I chimed cheerfully, as I looked at the nurse’s papers over her shoulder.

“I feel much better. I’m glad that you were the one here when I woke up, oniichan.” Maria shyly whispered, as I hummed to her while tousling her hair in my hands.

“Don’t worry about it, my little one. You resemble me a lot… It’s a shame we aren’t related in any way, you know?” I winked at her, as Zero walked in with Yuuki behind him.

“Zero-kun! Zero-kun!” Maria hollered, jumping into his arms and hugging him around the waist.

“Uh, good evening, Maria-chan,” Zero blinked at her as he awkwardly hugged her head because she was so short.

“I have to tell you something about Shizuka Hiou, Zero-kun!” Maria yelped, as I picked her up and placed her back on the bed.

“The nurse told me not to let you have too much excitement once you woke up. Zero, sit next to her while she talks to you. I’ll stay with Yuuki while you two talk.” I grabbed Yuuki’s hand quickly and bolted out of the room. We both sat casually on the rather-large window sills, looking out of the windows.

“Arisu-chan… Why did we have to come out here?” Yuuki looked over at me, her big scarlet gaze making me sigh uncomfortably.

“Maria-san is very fond of Zero. I can tell she is, so I wanted to give her some time alone with him. She’s very sweet though, so it’s alright. I wanted to go far enough away so we couldn’t eavesdrop, but close enough so if either did something irrational, I could go and break it up quickly. You understand, right?” I blinked at her, seeing as I talked rather quickly, so I wasn’t sure if she understood what I was saying in a giant, jumbled sentence.

“You’re very thoughtful, Arisu-chan!” Yuuki smiled at me, as she touched my hand for a moment, before moving it back as I looked from the window to her, then back to the window.

“I know…” I sighed slightly, as I reached out for her hand. I didn’t stop looking through the window as she took it and blushed slightly.

“Arisu-chan…” Yuuki began talking, but I softly hushed her.

“Yuuki… I hope you know what is going on between Zero-kun and I.” I quietly said, bowing my head as I felt Kaname walking down the hall toward us.

“You’re married, are you not?” Yuuki looked saddened, but she smiled anyway.

“We are… But, I think you’re better suited with Kuran-senpai!” I looked over and giggled at her a little, as she blushed greatly as she saw Kaname himself pass us. She let go of my hand as we both turned to look at his gorgeous face.

“Kaname-senpai~” I chimed in a high-pitched voice, as I bowed to him. Yuuki followed, but she almost fell off of the windowsill.

“Good evening, Kaname-senpai.” Yuuki flushed; her face turning from pale pink to a deep red.

My eyes started to glisten red as I felt the heat of her blood hit me like waves in an ocean. The smell made it harder to keep calm, as I closed my eyes and leaned against the window.

“Arisu-chan, stop it. You have no right to touch her!” Kaname snarled at me, as he held Yuuki in his arms.

“You think not, Kaname-senpai?” My head was bowed as my eyes turned the brightest shade of red they could possibly go. I whispered that again, as my head shot up right, looking completely past Yuuki and Kaname, as the door to the infirmary flung open, exposing Zero.

“Zero, calm her. Calm her, damnit!” Kaname barked out as he ran off down the hallway, my eyes fiercely following Yuuki’s gaze.

I violently ripped myself from my perch on the windowsill as I tore down the hallway after them. Zero grabbed both of my hands and pulled me back. I snapped my jaws as Kaname stood hugging Yuuki’s head to his chest, standing in a corner at the end of the hall.

“Arisu, stop this. Stop this right now, Arisu. You don’t have to be violent to get what you want. Turn around, right now, Arisu.” Zero’s voice shot through me like a gun piercing my heart.

“Why should I turn around? Why should I listen to you? You don’t even love me!” I snarled again, as Zero’s grip lessened and I shot off down the hall, right into Yuuki’s face.

“Arisu… Get away from her.” A gun loaded as I felt the cold medal press against my temple. I knew it was Zero who held the gun to my head. He was the only one who would dare point a gun at a pureblood vampire.

“If I get away from her… You know what you have to promise.” I whispered in a hushed voice, as my tongue touched Yuuki’s neck.

“I don’t care what I have to promise, just get your filthy hands off of her.” Zero growled, as his finger shook the trigger a little, but not nearly enough to fire it.

“Forget it. You’ll never keep your promise.” I turned to him, releasing my grip on Yuuki, as I grabbed the gun and pointed it at my forehead. “Shoot me now, Zero-kun. Shoot me now.”

“Arisu-chan, stand down,” a familiar voice made me whip around, turning my back on Yuuki and Kaname. There, in front of me, stood Aido.

“A-Aido…” My eyes instantly changed back to lavender, as I dropped the gun and jumped into his arms. “I’m sorry…”

“Arisu, go back to a dorm. You’re excused from all classes for the rest of the night. Don’t show your face to me again if you intend on harming Yuuki again,” Kaname tightened his grip around Yuuki’s waist.

“You’re useless anyway, Yuuki. Kaname only babies you because he wants you to change into the hideous creature that he is, too. You’ll never be a pureblood like me,” I grabbed Aido’s hand and ran off down the hall, brushing past Zero as he pulled a strand of my hair off.

Yuuki just looked out the window as I ran towards the Night dormitories as Kaname hugged her from behind.

“Is it true, Kaname-senpai? Do you want to turn me into a vampire?” she looked up at him with big, sad eyes.

“I would never do that to someone I love so much…”


“Zero-kun, I need another dress shirt. I got blood on this one from one of those damned level E vampires!” I scowled down at the shirt, as I unbuttoned it as Zero walked into the bathroom.

“Here,” he harshly said, as he threw the shirt at me. I caught it effortlessly, but I knew he was upset.

“What’s wrong, child of mine?” I soothed him, as I unbuttoned his shirt for him. “Just like old times, hm?”

“Don’t touch me…” His voice cut through me like a giant butcher’s knife through rice paper.

“Why do you hate me so much, Zero-kun? Is it because I was better friends with your brother than you when we were little? Is it because your parents thought I was more well-mannered than you? Why do you hate me so much?” I wrapped my arms around his shoulders as I whispered menacingly into his ear. My cold hands touched his chest as he shuddered slightly.

“I don’t hate you… I don’t like you either… I love you, Arisu, but right now, I think it’s best if I save Yuuki before Kaname does what he was destined to do from the beginning.” Zero looked at me with sadness in his eyes, as he kissed my cheek and then handed me my skirt.

“Thank you, Zero-kun…” I mumbled to myself, as I stripped down to nothing at stepped into the bath tub, soaking in the hot water. Zero kept taking a few glimpses at my naked body in the water before leaving.


“Bye-bye!” I called out to Yuuki, waving at her and her best friend Sayori, as they headed out to town. I was holding Zero’s hand as he calmly waved good-bye to them, not uttering a word.

“Why are you so happy around Yuuki? You’re usually only this happy around me or him.” Aido questioned me, as I smiled happily. My smile faded as I saw a dark navy blue limousine pull into the main driveway of the Cross Academy.

“Oh, my… Zero… Let’s go talk inside, shall we Aido-kun?” I nervously chuckled. He knew something was wrong, because I kept looking behind us as someone followed us into the Moon dormitories.

“What the heck is going on, Arisu-,” I slapped my hand over Aido’s mouth, as someone walked past the room.

“That’s my uncle, Daisuke Nasami!” I flitted around the room, looking in all of the drawers for an unknown reason. “Where is-,” my shrill voice was cut off by a knocking at the door. I look over pleadingly at Aido, as he was already opening the door.

“Is Arisu Nasami- er, Kiryu in this room, sir?” A familiar voice struck my mind. I knew it was going to end here.

“Yes, there in fact is. Why don’t you come in, sir?” Aido snickered at me. He was always going to torture me. I quickly sat down on Akatsuki’s bed that was across from Aido’s; smiling brightly up at my uncle.

“Hi there, Uncle!” I was forcing myself to smile now. And I knew that he knew that I was trying too hard.

“Stop your fake smiling and just come and give me a hug. I’m only here for a few minutes, don’t worry!” His booming laughter practically shook the whole room as I leaped from the bed and jumped into his big arms. I hugged him passionately, seeing as I hadn’t seen him since I was only about five or six.

“It’s been ten years, Arisu. How’ve you been lately? How are your parents?” He smiled down at me. I frowned as I told him that my parents had abandoned me days after he had visited.

“You’re joking, right? Aido-san, is she joking? She’s definitely got to be pulling my leg here!” Daisuke looked quickly over at Aido. He shook his head no, and Daisuke hugged me tighter this time. “You poor girl, you!”

“It’s alright. Mother said she’d come and visit me, since she left me in the care of Headmaster Cross. I get to spend a lot of time with Zero-kun, at least!” I said in a depressed voice, trying to convince myself that it wasn’t that bad. But it was.

“You’ll be okay. Your father actually died in his line of duty fighting against the Level E Impurity War last season. I’m not sure if you knew or not, but your mother also passed way in the war, too. I’m sorry, Arisu. That’s the only reason I actually came to talk to you. I knew that they abandoned you. Kaien-sama has been keeping me updated a lot, recently. I’m glad he’s letting you live under his own cost. He doesn’t understand, nor will her ever, how important you are to me.” Daisuke stopped his big embrace, as he sat down in the armchair at the end of Aido’s bed.


“Call me Daisuke, hunny.”



“Can you please leave here?” I had my head bowed, so he wouldn’t take it as an excuse for my family to leave me alone. I loved my uncle Daisuke with all my heart, seeing as he was my only family member left.

“I also came here to ask you something as well.” He completely dodged my question, as I looked up at him.

“What?” I was afraid to talk, seeing as Daisuke was capable of doing a lot of different things at once, all in a violent manner.

“I want you to come and live with me, Arisu-chan. You deserve better than what Kaien-sama can provide for you. Your lover doesn’t love you, and you’re practically cheating on him for Aido-kun.” He looked over at Aido apologetically, since he never meant to say anything mean to him. Daisuke liked Aido, actually, he preferred him over Zero, since Aido had a loving family, along with money and fame.

“...Why?” I looked up at him, tears forming in my eyes.

“Zero is a useless tool for you. You don’t actually believe that he loves you, right? You know he’s using you, even if he can’t drink your blood. But, Aido can drink your blood. The Hanabusa family is actually one of the few families that can actually drink the Nasami family’s blood, that aren’t purebloods.” Daisuke explained calmly, as a tear rolled down my cheek. I balled my hands up into tight fists, my eyes hardening.

“If you don’t come with me, Arisu-chan… I’m forced to-,”

“I’ll come with you.” I knew that he would bribe me into going with him first, but afterwards, he planned me to decline first, so he used pure force. He was obviously bigger and more powerful then me. I couldn’t argue with my only blood relative left. He was all I had, and if I let that go, I’d have to let myself go to. I’d have to become… A level E vampire on my own will.

“I’ll go pack my things.” I rushed up the stairs as Aido sat calmly with my uncle.

“Damn them… I swear, all they do is make me do crap I don’t want to do. Argh!” My eyes turned a bright red all of a sudden and the bed snapped in two. I fell to my knees and clutched my head in my hands as the door flung closed, the window shut, and the drapes were ripped from their place above them.

“Damnit!” I clenched my teeth and pressed my palms against my temples harder and harder. “Damnit, damnit, damnit!” I screamed, the windows cracking and the door splintering into nothing all over the floor.

The dresser went next. The drawers fell out of it and broke into halves of each sheet of wood. Splinters pierced my feet as I realized I was trying to keep myself rooted to the ground. The wood sliced through my feet and through my hands, leaving bloody marks on my clothing on my legs and arms.

“Arisu! Arisu! Are you okay, Arisu?” Daisuke ran up to meet me in the room. He kneeled right on the splinters next to me, gently hugging me. He didn’t even think about the pain as he just pressed my face against his chest. My wounds bled and bled, but I realized after I while, it wasn’t my blood.

Daisuke was pulling the splinters out of himself now. I was completely fine; besides the fact I ruined another school outfit.

“What the-… What happened in here?” Kaname stood wide-eyed as he looked about. All he saw was a messed up room. He ignored the fact that Daisuke was pulling splinters of stained wood out of his bare torso, while I just clutched my knees to my chest, examining the blood.

“Why did you do this, Uncle?” I sniffled, not crying, but about to be.

“Because I love you. I’m only able to risk myself for someone as precious as you.” Daisuke hugged me again, but I felt him wince as a splinter stabbed at his chest.

“Just because you love me doesn’t mean you have to practically kill yourself trying to save me,” I scowled. Sometimes Daisuke was so stupid, but other times he was as innocent and adorable as Aido.

“I’ll let you two alone. Fix this room then, Arisu.” Kaname snapped feverishly as he whisked away and down the hall.

“Stubborn boy, ain’t he?” Daisuke murmured to himself, as I just nodded.


It was a few nights later when I realized: Daisuke had left without taking me with him, and more importantly, saying goodbye.

I wasn’t that upset, seeing as I knew he would stay out of trouble so he could see his niece’s face again. I was that important to him.

“I guess he was in a hurry. He said that he was only staying for a few minutes, after all. I just hope he doesn’t turn into someone like Rido…” Aido mused ungreatfully as I sat next to him on the couch in the parlor room. The night was just beginning, so most of us in the Night classes were just waking up.

“I wish you wouldn’t talk about an elder like that. Rido was a very good man.” I snapped at him, crossing my arms across my chest as he wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

“Good man? You’re kidding me, right? He tried to practically eat us.” Aido snarled at me as Kaname descended the staircase.

“Rido was a good man, before he was changed by my birth. Excuse me for interrupting the conversation, continue as you wish.” Kaname was so rude sometimes. I wanted to just go over and punch him, make him drink my blood, and then just run away from here with Aido and Zero by my side. The Kuran clan was another pureblood vampire clan, but they were the first to figure out that they couldn’t drink the Nasami clanmates’ blood. Kaname’s mother’s sister was the first to figure that out when she bit into the neck of Daisuke’s awhile back.

“Don’t be childish, Kaname. You just didn’t want to put the blame on yourself. You weren’t arranged to be created, remember?” I flicked my finger at him as he flinched slightly.

“Shut up.” Those were the last words I heard from him all day, as I went upstairs to get dressed and ready for my patrol with Zero and Yuuki.


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