Kin Mustang

Character Name: Kin Mustang   

Name Meaning: Golden

Nickname: Kindy, Alchemist Kin

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Location: House is located in a small city outside of Kyōtō

Occupation: Owner of Sakura's Ramen/A State Alchemist who is partnered with her brother

Eye Color: Blue/Green, sometimes

Hair Style and Color: Almost always in a messy bun or pony tail. Blonde/Brown.

Physical Appearance: Golden-tan (naturally born with this skin colour) and a

Relations: Roy Mustang - Brother. Akane Takahashi - Best friend. Edward Elric - Best friend.

Likes: Helping people, running her ramen shop, taking care of children, sushi, cooking, cleaning, creating clothing designs, alchemy, and jogging in the morning while watching the sunrise.

Dislikes: The sunset, people who are stubborn, war, anger, her inability to walk sometimes, abusive people, needles, and dogs.

Personality: Caring and almost always happy. Loves kittens, but has an awkward fear of dogs. She is a little slow, because of her disability. She loves cooking, and using her alchemy to make her food faster. She also likes to explore and make different things with a transmutation.

Weapons: She doesn't fight.

Weakness: Being yelled at, or abused.

Clothes: Her Sakura's Ramen apron and something classy.

Equipment: Cooking supplies and alchemy books and vials.

Abilities: Anything that is a complicated Fire alchemist trick, or something that has to do with trasmutations.

Short Biography: Kin is a calm and caring woman. She was born on September  29th, 1987. She loves to take care of children, and runs a small ramen shop in a small town outside of the major city, Kyōtō. Her ramen shop is called Sakura's Ramen, named after her late  grandmother. Kin is Roy's younger sister. Kin is seven years younger than him.
    Kin had a violent breakup with a previous boyfriend, and was beat to the point where she called the police, because of the physical abuse.
    She's been having physical trouble walking, so her brother, Roy,  became very stressed out over her problem, and decided that he should live with her, so he moved in. Roy and Kin currently live together, and people keep mistaking them for a couple, even  though they are siblings, and look nothing alike. Kin takes after he  mother in personality, but her father in looks. Roy is the opposite.
    Since Kin lost her boyfriend because of his awkward insanity phase, and the beating of his ex-girlfriend, Kin has been very depressed. Roy is doing everything he can to keep her happy, and relaxed.
    Kin also knows how to do alchemy very well. She is also a State Alchemist, and works beside Roy to help everyone they can. She isn't a  very good friend of Roy's friend, Maes Hughes.
    Kin isn't a picky person, but when it comes to someone she doesn't like, she won't take no for an answer if they disobey her

Mieko Hagishira

Character Name: Mieko Hagishira

Name Meaning: Mieko (My-ahy-co) - Japanese name meaning "beautiful blessing child."

Nickname: Eko, Mine (Meh-nay)

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Location: Sunagakure, the "Village Hidden Among Sand" or "Village Hidden in the Sand".

Occupation: Missing-nin. (Not part of Akatsuki. Lives on her own, and loves stealing things from more-fortunate people than herself.)

Eye Color: Green

Hair Style and Color: Red, long, usually down straight. Length is about to the small of her back.

Physical Appearance: Olive-toned skin with abnormally long fingernails that are usually sharp. Has sharper teeth than most, kind of like Suigetsu's.

Relations: Friends - The Zombie Twins, Itachi, Juugo, Pein, Konan, Zetsu, Kisame, Sasuke, Suigetsu, Kabuto, and Sasori.

Likes: Stealing, and playing her own "made-up" games.

Dislikes: Sleeping in allyways.

Personality: Cunning and sly, a person who is always almost mistaken for a guy, for some reason. Most people know of her as; "Missing-Theft" in villages all over.

Weapons: Her fists, and she has telekinesis powers, but they aren't very strong.

Weakness: Getting caught stealing, which has only been once.

Clothes: Wears anything that she can find outside. Sometimes she wears nothing at all.

Equipment: Anything she can find.

Abilities: Is the best theft of them all.

Short Biography: Mieko grew up in Sunagakure, and was neglected by her father and mother when she was a young woman. She moved out as soon as she turned 18, and has been stealing to survive since then. She is very skinny, and you can even see her spine. She has an olive-toned skin, because her mother is Italian, and her father is Japanese. She was imported here when she was about 3 years old. She has been stealing all her life, because her parents wouldn't feed her at all. She also sometimes slips into people's houses at night, if the windows are open, and sleeps there until the sunrises, and then she leaves. She also raids their houses for food, and brings whatever she can carry with her. Mieko's family is very rich, and owns most of the hotels in Japan, but she was an "accident" that was "never supposed to be born". Mieko has regreted ever being born from the first day she can remember. Mieko also has a special power. Her power is telekinesis. She can move small objects, as of right now. She never tells anyone about it, but she always uses it. She doesn't believe in "chakra", even if she trained to be a ninja as a child. She believes there are spirits that watch over her, and she is becoming slightly fond of Hidan, and his religion. She is also becoming slightly fond of the thought of joining the Akatsuki.


Character Name: Naxxine

Name Meaning: She is unaware of what her real name is, but Orginization XIII gave her that name.

Nickname: Naxx

Age: Looks about 19 or 20.

Gender: Female

Location: Orginization XIII's hideout

Occupation: The newest member of Orginization XIII; Fifteen

Eye Color: Purple

Hair Style and Color: Green layered hair that goes to her shoulders.

Physical Appearance: Pale, but has a nice figure; hourglass-shaped.

Relations: She can't remember her family, except that she had a brother that died when she was young.

Likes: Flowers, rain, friends, and helping Zexion take care of wounded members.

Dislikes: When her friends are hurt, people stepping on her flower garden, dishonestness, hot-headedness, and people who are completely and utterly full of themselves.

Personality: Kind-hearted, but free-spirited, Naxxine has no heart, seeing as she is a Nobody. She loves to make new friends, but she never confesses that she's felt love before; before she turned into a Nobody. Naxxine is very friendly towards all of the members. She is like the housekeeper, seeing as she is the eldest woman and she believes it was why she was forced to join Orginization XIII. Naxxine didn't know she didn't have a heart, so she never really unstood why most of the members hadn't warmed up to her yet. She never really cared if any of the other members stared at her when she went around an did her daily cleaning to everyones' rooms. She loves it when people hug her; it makes her feel "real", as she puts it.

Weapons: A keyblade. She's another keyblade wielder, but she lost her keyblade awhile ago. She thinks it may still be back with her "real" self. Her keyblade is later found by Axel. Naxxine also controls earth, seeing as she is so attached to flowers. She can move pieces very quickly, but only very tiny pieces. She can also make it protect her like a metal suit, because it forms with her skin.

Weakness: When Naxxine gets angry, she sometimes can't control her force of earth-powers. She doesn't get angry easily, so the Orginization doesn't know what she is capable of.

Clothes: She is usually seen wearing a red lace scarf; even with her Orginization cloak.

Equipment: Her lost (but found!) keyblade, and her earth powers.

Abilities: Control over earth and rock.

Short Biography: Naxxine was forced to join Orginization XIII when she was found by Demyx; who carried her to the Orginization's housing units. Xemnas was orginally going to send Axel and Roxas out to go find Naxxine, but Demyx found her a few days early as to when she was supposed to arrive. Naxxine was once friends with Namine in her "real" life, but Namine turned against her and turned Naxxine into a Nobody. Naxxine doesn't remember Namine. The only person from her "real" life that Naxxine remembers is her older brother who died from a rare plague that spread through her town when she was very young. Naxxine is good friends with Roxas, Axel, Xion, and Demyx. She is also very good friends with Zexion, too.

Mari Kuzekei

Character Name: Mari Kuzekei

Name Meaning: Mari- Rebelliousness; Kuzekei- Unknown

Nickname: Mari, Marzipan

Age: 8

Gender: Female

Location: Tokyo

Occupation: Orphaned at the age of 4. Rebelliousness led her to have to keep switching from orphanage to orphanage before she got to Wammy's and was "tamed" by her oniichan, L.

Eye Color: Golden yellow/orange

Color and Hair Style: Dark brown. usually down straight, but sometimes it is pinned up so it looks spikey. Bangs cover face a little.

Physical Appearance: Caucasion skin-toned.

Relations: Mello - Good friends
Matt - Best friends
Near - Good friends
Suzu - Best friends
L - Little sister/Best friends

Likes: Sushi, anime, manga, playing pranks, learning, tea cups.

Dislikes: Rude people, commercials, animal abusers.

Personality: A simple child who is too rebellious for her own good. She gets in trouble because she wasn't loved enough as a child, seeing as she is abandoned; orphaned. She usually just sticks with her close friends or her 'older-brother' L.

Weapons: None, except for later in the story when she uses a gun; realizing that guns can also help save people, rather than hurt them like her father and mother.

Weakness: People who retort what she says back to her.

Clothes: A blue sweatshirt that zips up in the front. It's extremely large on her at this age, but as she grows, it fits her when she's 18. It was her mother's, before she went crazy and killed her father. She also likes to wear a necklace with a pretty bead on the end that is amethyst, seeing as she was born in February. She changes her bottom-wear daily, always wearing the sweatshirt, the necklace, and a plain t-shirt underneath.

Equipment: Nothing

Abilities: Just a normal human girl.

Short Biography: Mari has always been shy, but rebellious. She loves to play pranks, try new sushi types, and watch anime or read manga on a daily basis. She likes to share, but as she was growing up, she had no siblings so her parents thought she was needy. Her parents didn't so much abandon her, as they weren't aloud to take care of her anymore. Mari's mother shot and killed her father, and then her aunt called the police and Mari's mother was taken to a jail/rehabilitation center. Mari grew attached to L, and later becomes very attached to Matt. She gets sent to Wammy's Orphanage because her behaviour was so bad they couldn't "tame" her. All she needed was for someone to say "I love you" to her, and she completely turned her unaverage, short life around.


Wolffeather is a black and silver striped she-cat with an all black tail, and bright yellow eyes. (Wolffeather is a Warriors character made by Stephanie Horwath, and is only going to be used for someone else's creative liturature writing with her word to it). Wolffeather was a loner as a kit, but her mother, Nightflower, was a RiverClan cat first. Nightflower and Wolffeather's father, Cloudstep, (who was a loner) met in the midst of battle. He was traveling through, while RiverClan and ShadowClan to form TigerClan, teamed up against ThunderClan and WindClan to form LionClan. Cloudstep was badly injured, and since Nightflower had been neglected and learned to treat wounds as the temporary medicine cat of RiverClan, she nursed Cloudstep back to health in a rotting tree on ThunderClan territory. When an official medicine cat was assigned, Nightflower was now free to choose a mate, since she was restricted while being a temporary medicine cat. Nightflower helped the current RiverClan leader choose Cloudstep's name when he was introduced to the Clan. Cloudstep was a very fierce warrior, and is the current deputy of ThunderClan, under Bramblestar's lead. Nightflower has been accepted in every Clan but WindClan, since they would never forgive Firestar on wasting his last life killing Onestar, so they would not accept any of their warriors, no matter how strong.

When Nightflower gave birth to Wolffeather and her two older sisters, Moonheart and Sunpelt, Cloudstep was in battle with WindClan, since ThunderClan was now the most deadliest clan ever, because of all the warriors. ShadowClan took this as an advantage to get more warriors, and stole Wolfkit (Wolffeather), Moonkit (Moonheart), and Sunkit (Sunpelt) from ThunderClan. Since they were so young, none of them knew their backgrounds. All the could remember was being taken from their mother at the young age of 3 moons.

Wolfkit, Moonkit, and Sunkit were very close to each other. When they first got there, they were nursed by their new "mother" Blackstar's mate, Needlefur. Needlefur was a very rigid she-cat, and hated kits. But she was forced to take care of them, since Blackstar, the love of her life, and mate, told her she would be abandoned if she didnt take care of them. Needlefur agreed, even though she was miserable the whole time. She even once tried to kill Moonkit for biting an elder, but she was restricted to seeing or touching the three little kits for one whole moon. Needlefur apologized to them, and began nursing them again.

After Wolfkit, Moonkit, and Sunkit were turned into apprentices, Moonpaw decided she would like to care for her Clan, and become a medicine cat. Moonpaw was now Yewberry's apprentice. Wolfpaw was Dawnpelt's apprentice, and Sunpaw was Rowanclaw's apprentice.