Cursed Eclipse // The Story Between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn

    Trying to stay calm the rest of that night, and all of Sunday, made me worry constantly at what was going to happen. Playing the role as Edward's girlfriend in public, was a lot harder then I expected, since we were still fighting. As we left for school that morning, I took my own car. Completely alone in my Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet, I strolled up to my first class- which I had with Edward, -didn't go to well, since I sat; next to Edward. We had had all of our classes together, since we were so close, even if all we did was talk in class. Edward was very calm and collected in class, but always very edgy. We talked like we normally would, showing no emotions at all, but he never once took his eyes off of me. This would have usually made me feel important, but I wished he would stop now, as it irritated me oftenly.
    As I attempted defense against this stare, he looked back harder. It made me stop breathing, even if we vampires didn't need air, like the squimish humans did. It made life hell of a lot easier.
    "Edward." I firmly said, not looking at him, but straightening out my back.
    "Yes?" He thought, almost amused, as it seemed.
    "Please stop looking at me. I would like to get some thinking done..." I mildly-chilled, had thought.
    "No, I think I will not. You are not the eldest, and you know it, Erisa." Edward mocked, looking at me, and leaning closer in.
    "Edward? Please answer the question." Mr.Berkhart questioned his staring at me, but cocking his head to the right, slightly.
    "Fourty-three over two." He replied, not taking his off me for a second.
    "Yes... That is correct..." Mr.Berkhart said, astonished by the knowledge Edward posessed.
    "Of course it is..." Edward smiled, while he thought that to me, even though I was trying to block out his thoughts.
    "Don't bother trying..." He calmly whispered his annoying thoughts into my over-reacting mind.
    "Shut up." I snarled back, and raised my hand.
    "Yes, Miss Hale?" Mr.Berkhart looked up, as all the other students in the cramped room stayed focused, daring not to look back at me from the front of the room.
    "May I be excused from class? I feel ill..." I made it up, like always. I was the "sick" Cullen of the family. Esme always had to come "pick me up" from school. I thought it was silly, since I've been around since these people's parents grandparents, but it was only helping us blend in.
    "May I be excused also? I would like to walk Erisa down, if that is alright, Mr.Berkhart." Edward fluttered his eye lashes a little, and if it was a girl teacher, she would have been had at first bite.
    "Stop charming, and lets go..." I muttered, annoyed with his antics.
    "Okay, fine. We can leave now, if that is good... Alice already said you would leave early, so I got this..." Edward told me through our minds, as he held a hall slip under the table. I looked down, and snickered.
    "You HAVE to tell me where you get those from..." I smiled, for the first time in weeks, and Edward smiled back. We both laughed in our minds as we walked out of the door together, smiling, and totally at peace now.

*Chapter One*
    "Erisa... Please stop skipping classes! You little rebellious sister, you!" Jasper patted my shoulder, like it was a good thing I was skipping classes.
    "But why? I love to do it! It's so much fun, and then I don't have to be bothered with Edward's questions." I smiled at Jazz, making sure Edward heard what I had said the day after I went home "sick".
    "Ditching is my thing!" Jasper smiled, beaming at me, since I was following his path, and not Edward's.
    "Don't worry, bro. She'll come around!" Emmett chuckled lightly at Edward.
    "Erisa! I heard you started skipping classes! Oh, my God! That's really good, your a true Cullen now!" Rosalie smiled, just as gorgeous as Jasper.
    "Guys, calm down. I've been skipping since I can remember," I cooed, showing off my newly painted finger nails that I did at my locker after second period.
    "You have to do that to mine! I love it!" Rosalie was still smiling.
    "Okay, later tonight," I smiled back.
    "Well, Alice is at home planning the party. It's Bella's 18th birthday today, so she wants it to be perfect, or something. Can you just make sure she doesn't do anything stupid?" Jasper nodded at Edward.
    "Can do, Edward," Jasper snickered, as I balanced a fork on my nose, that I had stolen from Emmett's tray.
    "Give me it back!" Emmett complained.
    "Just give him the damn fork back!" Rosalie laughed uncontrolably, as me and Emmett fought over a metal fork.
    "Get to class!" A monitor barked at us from the edge of our table. All of us mumbled as we stood, and got to our lockers, then to class.
    "Emmett, Erisa, can you go fetch Bella?" Esme called to me and Emmett.
    "Sure," we both nodded to Esme, our gorgeously-nice step-mother.
    "Thank you!" Esme embraced both of us tightly. "Now go! Alice will be finished in a matter of moments, and we don't want you two knocking anything down with your consistent wrestling! Shoo!"
    We trudged out the door and into the cold rain.
    "How unlucky... It rains on her birthday! Ha!" I smirked smugly to myself.
    "Shut the hell up!" Emmett grumbled, obviously pissed at my smart-ass remark.
    "Em, you can't hide anything from me. Tell me. Now," I demanded, steering the car sharply to the right out of our drive way and speeding up on the road.
    "No. I haven't even told Rose, yet. You'll find out soon enough..." Emmett sighed, laying his head on my shoulder.
    "Alright. I can wait," I whispered out loud, wanting to only think that, not make it true. I was so impatient, espicially when it came to my family, since it could endanger them.
    "I'll tell you, eventually. Just ask Rose tomorrow, and you'll know..." Emmett lifted his head of my shoulder as he pointed in which direction I had to go in to get to Bella's house. This was my first time driving without Edward to Bella's house. I had horrible memory.
    "Okay. Right into her driveway now," Emmett nodded to me as I pointed with my right hand in that direction.
    "Alright. We're here!" Emmett smiled at me, after that he jumped out of the car.
    "Don't scratch the paint! I just did it!" I screeched, loud enough for even Bella to hear me.
    "Don't be so dramatic! Drama queen!" Emmett teased.
    "Shut up, LITTLE brother!" Oh, I had so gone there.
    "LITTLE? WHAT?" Emmett got mad. Smiling, I scratched my nails on the door to his jeep. He left his jeep here for Bella to use, sometime, and it was infront of my car.
    "Oh, no you didn't!" Emmett broke out laughing, seconds after he made that dumb remark. I couldn't help myself but laugh.
    We both heard someone slowly turn the front door knob. Silence fell over us both.


-This story has been closed. Please, enjoy the story itself as is, but don't expect this to be updated. Thank you.-